PSN maintenance schedule targets August 28

By Alan Ng - Aug 27, 2014

Earlier this week, we told you that Sony had postponed the planned PSN maintenance schedule for Monday, due to the unexpected DDOS attack performed on the network over last weekend. Now, we have a revised date to give you as Sony has confirmed that will PSN maintenance on August 28 is the new replacement.

We thought that Sony may save the maintenance until next week, but then again next week is the PS Plus September update release time so there’s no way that they would take PSN offline in such an important moment.

Now, Sony has confirmed for both US and UK gamers the new PSN maintenance schedule. PSN will be offline on August 28 at 4PM BST until 5am the following morning for European users.

For those in the US, PSN will be down from 9.40am to 4.50pm Pacific Time, or 12.40pm to 7.50pm if you are on Eastern Time on Thursday August 28.

We can already see that some gamers are unhappy with the timing both in the UK and US, but it perhaps has now reached a situation where Sony can do nothing about it since they don’t want to take PSN offline on a Friday, over the weekend or when a new PS Plus update is available as mentioned above.

Make sure you record those times down so you have a full heads-up. Are you happy about the revised schedule or not?

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  • Andy Marks

    The Playstation Mobile runtime package did not properly update.Why wait until now to fix it when the problem should have been fixed when it happened.

  • Ron

    TERRIBLE timing. How about do it, I don’t know in the middle of the night when most people are sleeping??

  • Josh101

    Luckily I work 9-530. Perfect timing for me. Sorry for those who are affected :/