PS Plus September update PS4 games won’t stop haters

By Alan Ng - Aug 28, 2014

Within the last few minutes, Sony has just revealed the PS Plus September 2014 update for PS4 and PS3. To our surprise, one of the games included is actually one that we here at Product-Reviews predicted first, but those looking for big name ‘retail’ titles are once again going to be disappointed.

Sony is keeping up their tradition of offering indie games for the PS Plus September Instant Game Collection. We can tell you that the two games being offered on PS4 are Velocity 2X and Sportsfriends.

Velocity 2X is a shoot-em-up which mixes in elements of classic shooter R-Type with 2D side-scrolling platform elements. It has a release date of September 2 and was the game that we called before anyone else as being a prime candidate for selection.

Sportsfriends is going to be the Indie game that will likely get you hooked once again when playing with a friend, just like the excellent Towerfall. It features several crazy mini-games for you and your friends to play through, perfect for those group gatherings and when you want to enjoy a bit of light-hearted fun away from your usual COD, BF4 or GTA V sessions.

We actually love these indie games that Sony are offering such as Towerfall, Fez and SportsFriends, but we also know that a lot of you want to see retail games from Sony.

Names like Knack, Injustice, Driveclub and Octodad keep popping up, but so far Sony is going to be keeping you waiting to see these titles on the Instant Game Collection.

Give us your reaction to the PlayStation Plus September update. The release date for these games going live will be on September 2nd, so brace yourselves.

Are you happy with next month’s update, or disappointed?

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  • Annenouk

    This is all so bad I will not even consider downloading it. Words cannot discribe how bad this is.

    • Deesnuts

      Velocity 2x is brilliant. If you’re closing yourself to the experience because you haven’t heard of it you’re a cynical sad little sack.

  • RJW

    Are they really “indie” anymore when every “indie” game follows the same formula? It’s like they try to force themselves to be “witty” or “quirky”.