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New iPad 12.9-inch in 2015 not 2014

Many consumers are expecting Apple to officially unveil one of the worst kept secrets very soon in relation to the new iPad 12.9-inch 2014 model or iPad Pro that we have seen rumored since the start of the year.

However, some credible information has just been published which now suggests that Apple won’t be ready to unleash their larger iPad until sometime in 2015. We are expecting the iPhone 6 at an Apple event early next month of course, but should we now also expect to see an iPad refresh or not?

Bloomberg is reporting as fact, that the large iPad is on course to enter production during the first quarter of 2015. 12.9-inches seems to be the locked down size now, as Apple finally give in and decide to cater to those select number of buyers who want a large screen, after originally distancing themselves from the idea when Steve Jobs was in charge.

The big question is whether Apple still intends to offer the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 2 in their standard sizes this year after the iPhone 6 event. Or, if they will now decide to give the iPhone spotlight for the rest of the year and then save the new iPad models until 2015 completely.

We would love to see an upgraded iPad Mini 2 with even better hardware specs, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple decides to save the iPad upgrade until 2015.

Either way, Bloomberg are not wrong when they publish these kind of articles, so give us your reaction to the fact that this 12.9-inch iPad will now no longer launch in 2014.

Is this a disappointment for you, or a blessing in disguise?



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