Minecraft Servers down warning from LizardSquad

Another day and it looks like LizardSquad are still trying to attack gamers by going after the most popular gaming products and services. We have a heads-up now to all Minecraft players, as some Minecraft servers may be down today with warning from the group responsible.

LizardSquad has already managed to bring down Sony’s PSN network, just to give you an idea of the seriousness of this. We told you earlier about the group’s Twitter page seemingly being taken down, but at the time of writing it’s back up and now they are targeting poor old Minecraft players.

Some Tweets released by the group just minutes ago reveals that they are going after some Minecraft servers and are apparently having success already with some Minecraft servers crashing.

Having said that, we can see at the ‘Is Minecraft down’ server status website that everything is still up and running fine for the moment, so don’t be too worried for the time being.

We can also see no activity from the Minecraft status Twitter account which usually reports on any outages, so for now it appears that LizardSquad haven’t been able to bring Minecraft down on a widespread scale.

Are you having any problems getting into Minecraft servers at the moment? Let us know your thoughts on this group and the fact that they are now targeting Minecraft.



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