Lizard Squad Twitter taken down

- Aug 27, 2014

Update: After the Lizard Squad Twitter account was down for a couple of hours, it’s now back in business. It’s not clear what happened, but it’s back up now with tweets flowing.

The Lizard Squad Twitter account has been taken down within the last hour and heading to the url only reveals an Account Suspended message. It is not clear if anyone in particular requested the profile to be taken offline, or if this was Twitter themselves, but the person behind this account reached almost 52,000 followers this week after taking PSN down along with outages like Twitch.

Followers even shared pictures of themselves with “Lizard Squad” on their forehead, which had been asked for by Lizard Squad to bring Twitch back online. Xbox Live might not have been taken fully offline, but Lizard Squad managed to cause problems with their online gaming and matchmaking. This seemed to reveal they had the talent to perform such tasks and they continually proved it.


The Twitter account not only gained thousands of followers per day, but it seemed these people started to become big fans of Lizard Squad before their Twitter account got taken down.

We’ll keep our readers updated on any official statements and if another profile is opened up by the person behind Lizard Squad. For now, let us know if you are happy or sad to see the Lizard Squad Twitter account removed and did you join in with requests for other online brands to be taken offline? We now wonder if Twitter might be taken down today in response to the profile being suspended.

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  • WarOnTerror

    I just hope the FBI arrest them soon. Surely, there is a positive to all the NSA spying. Hopefully, they will be ried as adults and go to a Federal prison for a long time.
    Their bomb threat and taking down the PSN has cost society millions. Far more than any bank robber. Therefore, they should get a sentence commensurate with their crime. Consecutive life sentences for everyone on board that plane would be fair. Furthermore, every one of their Twitter followers should be under online surveillance for the rest of their insignificant lives.
    They are clearly PC gamers as most hackers are. And they are not taking the PS dominance very well at all. I want to see a picture of a lizard in an orange jump suit…these guys a terrorists and should be treated as such.

  • orlfeyne

    At a minimum, the Twitter account included a post that held a bomb threat. What beyond a crime does Twitter need to pull the site? That said, I would not be surprised if this was only the fist bit of news on the fast rise/fall of Fizzle Squad.

    The reference in the article to Fizzle Squad skill (“seemed to reveal they had talent”) is off the mark. Renting/piggybacking on a botnet assembled by others requires a level of skill held by my dog. Script kiddies unite! … Fail.

    Top folk from Anonymous and LulzSec were busted, and these folk even showed a bit of skill. Who is betting on these guys? I hope they are located outside the US and think that will protect them.

  • nowitzki41

    Let them keep their twitter. The more they talk about their actions, the bigger hole they talk themselves into. They wont stop because their twitter is gone.

  • Caved

    Lot more to it than meets the eye. News is coming.

  • capt hindsight

    Pretty sure twitter will be hit hard for that move…

    • Ron

      They committed a crime. Their account shouldn’t have been up for that long.