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Flappy Bird Vs Swing Copters for popularity

Swing Copters has been available for a week now, but what are your thoughts on the game in a Flappy Bird Vs Swing Copters popularity contest? Dong Nguyen’s new game initially went straight to the top of the app charts, but we can see that there has already been a decline.

Following up from Flappy Bird is no easy task of course. Combine that with the fact that Swing Copters is painfully difficult to master as well – we’re yet to get to a stage where we can comfortably get past a score of 5 without crashing.

It’s so difficult that in fact, developer Dong Nguyen has been forced to issue a Swing Copters difficulty update to combat constant complaints on Twitter that the game is impossible to progress through compared to Flappy Bird.

When speaking to CNET about the difficulty, here’s what Nguyen said:

“Most of people don’t find the game entertaining because it was too difficult. However, I believe the game is still challenging enough when people want the final medal or compete with their friends.”

With the difficulty now tweaked, we may see a slow increase in those willing to stick with Swing Copters. For now though, we can still see plenty of feedback from those who still enjoy Flappy Bird the most.

If you have played both, give us your thoughts on the two games. Do you like Flappy Bird or Swing Copters?



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