EA loves Di Maria to Man Utd transfer, not Suarez

We are pleased to see that the Di Maria to Man Utd transfer is now live. As we predicted, EA has again wasted no time in already transferring Di Maria to Manchester United on FIFA 14 normal squads and on FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.

Unfortunately though, EA appears to be following the rules of Sepp Blatter and co at FIFA in not moving Luis Suarez to Barcelona on FIFA 14. Luis Suarez has since had the terms of his ban changed, in which he can now train with his teammates and take part in friendly matches.

That appears to have made no difference though, as Luis Suarez is still assigned to Liverpool on the game. Fans have been getting very frustrated over this, as EA is treating this as a special case when some argue they should be thinking on footballing terms and just transfer him over to Barcelona.

EA are standing firm though and we could see a scenario where FIFA 15 is shipped but Luis Suarez is still on Liverpool’s books – imagine if that happens? It seems ridiculous to think about the possibility of this happening, but at the moment it looks like Luis Suarez is only going to be a Barcelona player on FIFA 15 – on the date that his ban ends.

You can see confirmation of the Di Maria to Man Utd transfer on FIFA via EA’s document here. It also contains the transfer of Samuel Eto’o to Everton as well – what a fantastic signing by the club there.

What are your thoughts on the fact that EA are refusing to transfer Luis Suarez to Barcelona? Do you think it is ridiculous, or are they right to follow the rules of his ban in real life?



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