Xbox Games with Gold September list within 48 hours

By Alan Ng - Aug 26, 2014

How excited are you about the upcoming Xbox Games with Gold September 2014 update? Many Xbox 360 owners would have been delighted to play Dishonored for free, but from reaction we’ve seen so far it looks like there was plenty of disappointment over Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit Zero on Xbox One.

Fortunately though, we’re here to remind you that we only have days to wait until the list is announced by Microsoft. We have noticed that the company has been following patterns for their announcements and we would predict that it is now odds on for the Games with Gold September update Xbox One games will be revealed on Thursday August 28.

You may not be aware, but it was July 28 in which Microsoft revealed the Games with Gold August update. The month before, it was actually sooner than that – on June 26 in which they posted the July update.

With this in mind, it’s safe to assume that we will definitely know the final list no later than Thursday. The new games themselves always appear on the first day of a new month, so the Xbox Games with Gold September release time will happen sometime on September 1 – just like last month.

The big question is though, what games can we expect to see on Xbox One after Crimson Dragon and Strike Zero Suit? We spoke about this here when rumors suggested Battlefield 4 was up for selection. This week though, we can see that Outlast is being touted as a potential candidate – a great game that has already been offered by Sony on PS Plus a few months ago.

Microsoft will probably know that they need to offer something better after the criticism, but we fully expect to see some great titles added, both on Xbox One and Xbox 360. It’s definitely a hard act to follow though after Dishonored – what big Xbox 360 game do you want to see?

We have just 48 hours until the Xbox Games with Gold September games list is out. Let us know your last minute picks and if you agree that Microsoft need to do better than last month.

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  • joshoemaha

    Microsoft really has been cheaping out, Reach is the only decent game of the three. The other two shouldve been free to begin with IMO look like they had a $100 budget to make those games.

  • joshoemaha

    super time force, crimson dragon, halo reach, and monaco, are the games with gold

  • ala12

    I want borderlands 1!!!

    • joshoemaha

      $10 at gamestop, $20 with all the dlc in GOTY edition

  • CoD Master

    For 360 which I care about: L.A Noire and State of Decay.

  • hbbman

    Mirrors edge and brink

  • StawnMagik

    I want Borderland and Saw.


    Plants vs Zombies!

  • Rocklandraiders

    I want to see a Lego game

  • Coldwarrior

    I would enjoy any decent shooter that I haven’t played yet

  • Jayjuan33x

    I want borderlands for free this month it seems pretty awesome

    • GamerResentment

      After it’s been on sale 17milliin times for $7 or less…
      People would be upset because so many ready have it.

  • Tristen Magnoni

    It’s my birthday tomorrow. I need the list so I know what not to buy. Though I guess I could just wait and eventually every game will be free.

    • CoD Master

      Happy Birthday!! :))

  • Γ‰tienne-A Beauregard

    Powerstar Golf ! Not the crappy demo, the real game ! It isn’t DR3, but it’s really cool !

  • Borderlands 2 or Max Payne 3 for X360?

    • Jayjuan33x

      Definitely borderlands

    • GamerResentment

      You realize how upset people would be right? Both have been on sale 17million times for $7 or less.

      • CoD Master

        No they wouldn’t. And it wouldn’t be the first time that people will get upset either. Whatever Microsoft does, people get upset.

        • GamerResentment

          Yeah true, just I personally would prefer a game that wasn’t on sale already or one that nearly everyone already has just because a handful haven’t picked it up dirt cheap yet.

          I would personally like to see games that haven’t really had a spotlight chance because they aren’t mainstream even though they decent.

          Remember me, syndicate, fuse, crysis 2 or 3 or just something that everyone and their dogs don’t already have.

        • CoD Master


  • Kieran

    I can’t see them giving away games like AC4 or Dead Rising just yet… These are still relatively new games for the Xbox One… Yes, these arcade type games can kinda suck, but we’re getting free games… Why complain? Play it, if you don’t like it, you haven’t wasted your money πŸ™‚
    As for predictions, I’d like to see maybe AC4, Forza 5, Ryse or Dead Rising… I think they’ll probably put Strider up though

  • Maxdh_NL

    I’m setting my hopes on far cry 3 πŸ™‚ A racing game would be nice aswell

  • Daniel Garcia

    I know this an utopia from myself, but a decent racing game could be available on the next GWG. Motocross Madness is a fun game, thats all. Forza Horizon is on the Deals With Gold, could be an future option?


    They definitely need to come with some better games for the Xbox One. Crimson Dragon was ok. Strike Suit Zero is a pretty bad game imo. It kinda sucks that we keep getting these little arcade games but if anything I would love to see Stryder or even Trials Fusion. AC4 would be awesome but I highly doubt it.
    For the 360.. Dishonored is the best game given besides maybe Gears, Hitman and AC2. They could give us anything really but something like Forza Horizon or N4S Hot Pursuit would be cool. Sega All Star Racing would be awesome!

  • Mr Mustashio007

    I myself would like to see a GTA, Cod, or something with a multiplayer. If they give out an arcade game I would like to see How to Survive or Trials. I have a feeling we wont be getting anything that came out recently on 360 so that eliminates Battlefield 4 or GTA 5

    • Jayjuan33x

      I would love to play How to survive because seeing as there really wasn’t that much popularity surrounding it the demo was actually pretty awesome and id love to see the full version

  • Liam Buckley

    I want Dead island… I know it was out before but I missed it πŸ™

    • Zorro_x_Kakashi

      get it with the sales πŸ™‚ cause i higly doubt they will be giving out same game twice!

    • christopher

      on sale right now for 5 bucks

    • andy

      Have a friend and do the license transfer than you good to go πŸ™‚

  • La Crika De Tu Mai

    GTA 5

  • redcommander12

    really would like to see the elder scrolls 5 skyrim and forza motorsport 4 but probley wont happen

    • Zorro_x_Kakashi

      skyrim has been alot on sales lately but who know and the game has to be under 20$ so can cross out skyrim i guess πŸ™ Would love to have it though

  • OnPoint247

    for xb360 it would be nice to see Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 and Red Dead Redemption, that seems reasonable imo. .

    • Gianni

      It would be very bad for me, as I bought Naruto Storm 3 like 1 month ago :s, but Red Dead would be good.

  • sonofdark18 .

    How about Microsoft gives us the option to download WHATEVER 2 games we want for the month. That would be awesome!!!

    • Anonymous

      That’s a bad idea as games like AC IV and New games will be Taken Free.

    • lll

      Because people would be getting gta v, watch dogs, ac iv and games like these for free, which isn’t good for microsoft.

      • sonofdark18 .

        At the very list set a limit to what games you can download for example you can only download games that have been out for 5 years or so. That would be good enough for me.

    • CoD Master

      Yes, but that dream of yours is impossible, because publishers control their games.

      • sonofdark18 .

        I already know about that. I was just in a discussion with someone about this subject on gamefaqs.

        • CoD Master


  • ShaggyA7X

    Why not something for us racing fans, eh? Id prefer to see LocoCycle and WRC4 than Battlefield 4 on the 360. That was pants anyway.

  • Lolly

    Force Unleashed or Red Dead Redemption

  • Vincenzo

    I don’t think that just because they guessed right last time, doesn’t mean they’ll be right this time. I do want good games for 360, so we’ll just wait and see. Excited, though!

  • VK ZomBREX

    I’d play Zoo Tycoon if it was free. lol or give us Sims 3. Something I don’t have. I hope they don’t use Outlast & BF4 because I just bought both.

    • ShaggyA7X

      Sims 3! good man, you know how hard that is to find for less than 20 quid? XD

  • BigD1ckBrian

    Battlefield 4 and peggle 2…..that would be great

    • shadow_walkerOZ

      That would be cool, but both those games are available for EA Access subscribers on Xbox One.

      • Gareth Mee

        Exactly, that would be a real deal killer for EA Access if they did that as many people considering joining up would be put off. Also, many one-year subscribers would (probably unsuccessfully) be asking for a refund if this happened… I’m almost certain it won’t though, for the same reason!

  • Karl

    I know I would love to see maybe braid or la noire.

    • Rik Champine

      la noire was just on sale last week

      • CoD Master

        Who cares?? Its a great game for everyone and I own it!! :))

  • karl

    Hell yes they need to give better games its like a gift to us for spending valuable money on xbox live gold and they are giving us pathetic railshootera and arcade games cant it be like 360 one arcade one actual game?

    • Danny Darco

      What rail shooter hitman dead iland dishonored there’s no rail shooters besides gears of war

      • shadow_walkerOZ

        I’m not sure that you understand what an on-rails shooter is. Think about games like battlefield or CoD where they have the inevitable sequence where you are just riding in some kind of armoured vehicle using the turret and have no control over your actual movement. It’s like a train and it’s on rails and con only go where the track take it with absolutely no variation of any kind and you just memorize where the enemies will come from. That’s an on-rails shooter. Gears of War is definitely not an on-rails shooter.
        Besides which, I think you’ll find he was talking about the Xbox One, not the 360. The Xbox One games on offer for August were Crimson Dragon, which is an on-rails dragon combat game, and Strike Suit Zero, a fairly decent little downloadable arcade type of game.

        • danny darco

          Yeah bf and cod have never been on free with gold and I know what a rail shooter is and yeah gears is its just like a cod campaign

        • shadow_walkerOZ

          This statement “there’s no rail shooters besides gears of war” from your previous post gives the impression that you have no idea what an on-rails shooter is and don’t know much about Gears of War.

        • danny darco

          in what way is gears not a rail shooter?

        • GamerResentment

          It’s a corridor shooter, not an on rails shooter.
          Go play time crisis or House of the dead. Those arcadey games are on rails shooters where the game moves your character for you and all you do is shoot.
          You have movement in GOW. It’s a corridor shooter if anything. Get your info straight.

      • Coldwarrior

        What about halo

  • dudechronic

    id really like to see a full game on xbone for once last month was terrible I didn’t like either game all that much ryse would be cool cuz I refuse to pay 60 bucks for a 6 hour game

    • Jonathan George Anaya

      What really sucked for me was that I bought those games when they first hit the Marketplace. Oh well, now millions can appreciate this decent games

  • 666

    hey did you know you know that the day before the game is free you can get it like arcade at 5:00 and on demand at 8:00 in california so check your times in and calculate your time difference

    • blightsun

      I usually have a peek around then. Gwg has nothing for me but its nice to see whats out.