PSN down with undergoing maintenance error again

- Aug 26, 2014

It looks like PSN is down again today with the well known undergoing maintenance error, and the culprit seems to be the same Twitter user who took the PlayStation Network down just a few days ago. We checked both a PS4 and PS3, which revealed the PSN undergoing maintenance error message on both systems.

The tests we performed were in the UK, although we are yet to hear from those in the United States using PSN today? If you have noticed the service not working, or if you are not able to sign in today, then leave your location along with details in the comments.

PSN down with undergoing maintenance

There was planned maintenance for PSN yesterday, but this was postponed until a later unnamed date. One Product Reviews reader said, “I can’t enter a code to purchase a game thanks to being kicked from PlayStation Network, and now it’s not working saying “down for maintenance”.

The Lizard Squad tweets below certainly hint at involvement, although nothing has been confirmed from either Sony or Lizard Squad for the problems today.

We’ve also seen a number of Twitter users reporting PSN is down today, August 26th, as seen below.

We’d love to hear from Product Reviews readers that own a PS4 or PS3, is PSN not working for you today or can you sign in just fine? As you can see in one of the tweets above that was shared within the last couple of minutes, it looks like the PSN NP-35000-8 error message is being displayed once again.

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  • Alexanderlovin Her Smith

    a british dude really im not surprised but still wtf why hack psn fuk with microsoft dammit

  • BigD1ckBrian

    Ahahhahahahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahaahhahahaha PSN SUCKS BRIANS BIG C0CK, xbone FTW BIGD1cK BRIAN knows best you cheeky scrub lords

    • Josh101

      Wow….What’s sad is you created an account to make yourself look like a idiot.

  • Luke1993

    Mine now works but was down for a while today

  • Josh101

    Peoria Illinois here. No issues…Yet…

  • toddy

    som1 know for how long it will be down?
    if you need to guess

  • Chris

    Back up in the Eastern US for me, just outside NYC. Was down all morning from around 8am.

  • Gemma :)

    Working fine for me in UK

  • Jordan

    I was on perfectly fine left my ps4 for 15 minutes so it turned off and then i cant log in

  • Crowe

    East coast US down for maintenance

  • Chaotis Ravendark

    Seriously, these losers need to get a life and stop messing around with what people enjoy the most.
    Get these people caught already -_-;;

  • Joe Bo

    Wth… I was playing fine just 45min ago, saw this post, decided to check and see so I turned on PS4 again and now says undergoing maintenance.. Lol wow

  • Mk333

    Signed in successfully from PS3, i have us, uk, asia, and jp psn acc and all signed in from Ps3. But none works from PC.

    • Mk333

      Also i’m downloading from us psn for the ps3 demos of runner, alien spidy and closure. And still workign

  • Armando Olguin

    No network in Latin America also

  • Kc_delta

    I’m in the US. it’s down. stupid hackers

  • Miguel Perez

    i have a maintenance message, I am in the eastern US

  • Travis Morton

    I thought fbi was looking for these people. What’s taking so long!!!

  • Chad Warden

    He started early like last time =/.

  • Del

    I am seeing the currently undergoing maintenance message, this is a joke. I don’t blame Sony, although Xbox seemed to hold up better when they got attacked.

    • Travis Morton

      Microsoft has more data centers which makes it harder to take down I guess. It’s crazy how this keeps happening. Every second it’s not working sony is loosing money.

  • Travis Morton

    Yeah I’m getting the maintenance message and I’m in the US.