PSN DDOS ends in postponed maintenance

While we can all agree that the PSN downtime was uncalled for after a hacking group called ‘Lizard Squad’ claimed responsibility, we can now bring you a breaking update from Sony regarding the attack.

The company has confirm that the PSN did indeed go down due to a distributed denial of service attack, otherwise referred to as a DDOS attack. We already told you that there was 7 hours of ‘planned’ maintenance on Monday, but now Sony has issued the following statement.

In the Tweet below, they confirmed that PSN won’t go down today due to the attack over the weekend. They are officially ‘postponing’ the maintenance for now and it means that you can continue to play PS4 and PS3 games online as normal.

There’s no revised time for when Sony will resume their maintenance, but we’re guessing that they will let everyone know before the end of the week.

This is a somewhat refreshing end to a troubling weekend for most of you, especially when time is limited but you cannot logon to play your favourite games online as most of you experienced over the weekend.

Let’s hope that the DDOS attack was a one off and that the group responsible will be dealt with accordingly. Having said that, they’ve also boasted on the likelihood of going after Microsoft and Xbox Live as well, so it’s by no means a favoritism war against the corporates here.

As we wait for more details from Sony, give us your reaction to the postponed maintenance – was this a correct decision in light of the unexpected PSN login DDOS?



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