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Nexus 7 stock signals 8, or 9-inch 2014 release

It has been an extremely long time in waiting, but we may be getting very close with regards to a highly anticipated Nexus 8 2014 release date, or even the Nexus 9 release. We can see that Nexus 7 WiFi stock is completely sold out on Google’s Play Store, which usually indicates internal movement from the company.

A new Nexus 8 or 9 has been the main ingredient in the Nexus rumour mill since the start of the year, this of course coming after continuous disappointments from Google with regards to the now fabled Nexus 10 2014 model.

For the first time since we can remember though, it looks like Google has revealed some telling evidence. This cached Google listing shows that the Nexus 7 WiFi model is now completely sold out online and the last time we checked – stock was fine and dandy.

The fact that stock is suddenly no longer available usually indicates that something new is coming and now fans could start to get genuinely excited about the prospect of either a new Nexus 8 2014 or Nexus 9 2014 tablets.

Don’t forget about the rumors suggesting that the next Nexus tablet is going to be made by HTC. There’s even further hints that the codename for the device is HTC T1 but we’ll have to see whether this relates to a Nexus 8 or 9.

We think we speak on behalf of most though in saying that a new Nexus tablet in 2014 is long overdue, perfect timing it would seem too with the Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 2 seemingly on the way.

Are you ready to see a new tablet from Google? Let us know if you have also seen the Nexus 7 completely sold out today.



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