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Netflix green screen issues reported

We’d always admire any technology company for thinking about the environment, but this isn’t what some people are thinking today after seeing their paid video streaming service turn to the popular environmental friendly color. Product Reviews was informed of Netflix green screen issues this morning, although we only decided to publish the news now after we received more reports and saw many similar problems in forums.

It is not clear why Netflix is not working correctly for these users, especially considering it’s not all users seeing a green TV or Android device when using Netflix. The service isn’t down for any of these subscribers, but watching movies in green isn’t much fun either.

We’ve included a few tweets below highlighting the Netflix green screen issues within the last hour, or day in some cases, and these users are from both the UK and USA. One of our readers stated, “I’m currently seeing double vision when watching Netflix and a green line as the movie starts”.

Is your Netflix video streaming without a green display today, or do you have other problems? Some of the Netflix users report a solid green screen with sound and others claim it’s more like a green shade. Again, this could be a common issue with some hardware or software glitches. We’ve reached out to Netflix for comment and we’ll update our readers if we find out why this is happening to certain people.



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