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iPhone 6 photos offer rear concept view

We are gearing up towards a really exciting 2014 Holiday Season, with Apple expected to launch the new iPhone 6 to the masses at a private event this Fall. iPhone 6 component leaks have been quiet compared to previous device launches, but we can see that iPhone 6 photos have been coming in thick and fast on the other hand.

This week, we can bring you some fantastic iPhone 6 high resolution photos which are based off existing concept ideas and iPhone 6 rumors involving how the rear design will look like upon its final build.

The photos have come courtesy of designer Martin Hajek and they show two different contrasting views of the iPhone 6 rear, based on rumors that we have heard in the media so far.

Looking more closely, they also show how a potential plastic band theme would look on the iPhone 6 rear, although Hajek himself doesn’t favor this option and has instead provided an alternative design side-by-side to give you a different view.

Apple are obviously shrouded in secrecy on their iPhone 6 design, but we wouldn’t mind it if the real iPhone 6 rear looks anything like either designs in the images on Martin Hajek’s website.

After the iPhone 5S, consumers are expecting a major design change and as long as we get that – most will be satisfied we think, as the hardware specs will take care of themselves with inevitable improvements in order to accommodate the demands of iOS 8.

Is this the type of iPhone 6 you would love to see? Take a look at the full gallery and let us know what you think of the two contrasting rear designs.



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