Hearthstone for iPad apparently ideal for a treadmill

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 8, 2015

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is on iPad and has been for a little while now, although the likes of Android and iPhone owners still want to see the game ported to their respected platforms.

We took a look today to see if there’s been an update on the official Play Hearthstone Twitter channel that delivers updates from Blizzard Entertainment, although there’s nothing new in regards to the Android and iPhone releases. What we did see though was interesting, and this was a recent tweet replying to one follower that loves Hearthstone but recognizes the need to keep fit.

The tweet can be seen below along with the reply from the official Twitter channel. The gamer is playing Hearthstone rather than working out and Play Hearthstone said to take their iPad with them next time, especially if working out on a treadmill.

It is not clear if this was a joke, or if the Play Hearthstone channel was being serious about working out on a treadmill and playing Hearthstone for iPad at the same time. If you’ve been to a gym recently, then you will notice TVs, games, and more playable with treadmills these day, so it isn’t too far from the truth if you can find somewhere to store the iPad while on a treadmill.

Would you workout and play Hearthstone for iPad at the same time? Also, we’d love to know if you take any mobile games with you during a workout? Leave a comment below.

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  • Mark Lambert

    Actually, yes I do this all the time. I also play chess while getting cardio. I am not a big fan of running unless I am chasing a ball. Playing a turn based strategy game keeps my mind off what I am doing and makes basic cardio more enjoyable.