GTA V 1.17 update for Army DLC three months away

By Alan Ng - Aug 26, 2014

Rockstar has only just launched a new GTA V update with 1.16, but it looks like we already have solid details on the forthcoming GTA V 1.17 update. Just like 1.16, Rockstar may be planning to make gamers wait several months for the next update, so brace yourselves.

While many of you desperately try and raise enough cash to buy the new planes and jets within the Flight School Update, we can now see why the Mammoth Hydra jet wasn’t included with 1.16 as we expected.

To recap, details of the Flight School update were leaked prior to release and inside the source code were details namedropping the GTA V Hydra jet for $1.7 million, alongside with the Besra jet and Mil-jet which are now officially available.

We thought that Rockstar could be saving the Hydra for a separate update and now this looks to have been confirmed. New evidence contained in the video below suggests that Rockstar are now planning to bring GTA V Army DLC to the game with 1.17.

Specifically, details involving 9 new face paints have also been revealed in the source code which will be available to buy once the new update is available – the same process will include the Hydra finally up for sale as well.

The biggest problem that we can see, is that you may have to wait at least three months to see the next GTA V update. The rumored GTA V 1.17 release date is November 11, 2014 which just so happens to fall on Veteran’s Day 2014.

You should know by now that Rockstar are big fans of celebrating national holidays in the US after dropping content for Independence Day and most recently for National Aviation Day with the Flight School content.

Can you hold on for that long for the next update, if the rumors are true? There’s still no signs of GTA V Heists either – how does that make you feel? Let us know if you are up for some Army DLC next or if you are only going to play again once Heists is released.

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  • redbeard

    they MAY do some thing small between now and then…the independance day DLC came right after a DLC…of course they probably have a few different event weekends

  • Cody

    3 months and with this last DLC even if you buy all the planes what then!? Fly them around for hours a day for months waiting on the new DLC that is just silly. I have been an advocate for GTA 5 and doing what i can to stop the trolls who complain about free updates, but now I am that troll. 3 months with nothing is just ridiculous.

    • LaurieX

      Its a legitimate gripe, that doesn’t make you a troll at all! I too was a bit disappointed with the amount of time it took for the last update, only to find the one thing I was looking forward to (Hydra) wasn’t included. You’re not a troll, you’re just like me, and many others – we love the game so much, we NEED new content to keep us going! If we didn’t like the game, we wouldn’t care. I hope Rockstar takes our crying and whining as a compliment! 🙂

  • better Dlc

    3 months is long time for such a small update that includes very little content for us might as well include 3 dlc updates in one if it will take that long actual things that matter like weapons cars more mods, Better armor for cars like bullet resistent Glass does not have to be bulletproof gang wars in single player and online ballas famlies more hostile against each other more building you can enter like clubs casino etc now that matters more then face paint, flight school and things you buy online should be offline aswell added into story mode like buying cars off websites and houses too.

  • Hydra

    Hydra next.
    Hydra now please.
    You cancelled it twice.
    Hydra, Rockstar.

  • rockstarSLOW

    Lol they also celebrate halloween which is before the predicted update. I hope they do a halloween update because that i’d like alot more

  • Jas

    Flight school. Pretty disappointing update really. Hope u Americans s have a nascar holiday, could do with some cool nascar cars in a future update. But 3 months without an update, might as well just turn off the old fat boy for good. And wait till It comes out for my ps4, whitch I should already be playing it on.