FIFA 15 permanent EA bans for coin traders

EA has announced some massive FIFA 15 news that you need to be aware of, which is not good reading for those that buy , sell and trade FIFA coins online in order to create a monopoly in the virtual FIFA Ultimate Team business.

If you are a daily player, you will have no doubt heard about community players such as W2S and Nepanthez, who offer videos for the community but also ‘codes’ in order to claim a discount on various FIFA 14 coin selling websites.

It’s become a standard way of playing FIFA Ultimate Team, but this week EA has reminded everyone that it’s still against their rules and they plan to take strict action once FIFA 15 launches later this year.

A detailed statement on their website enforces the ‘to dos and not to do’s’ on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team market, as well as outlining the strict repercussions that any player faces if they don’t play by the rules.


These include warnings by email and go all the way up to the strongest punishment – an EA online ban that carries across to not only FIFA games but ALL other EA games online too – Battlefield, the lot.

While we already know that the FIFA 15 transfer market will remain open for business in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, these measures could be a massive game changer with regards to how the community treat the game.

Players could be available for lower prices as a result of banning coin traders and farmers, although some still argue that EA are effectively punishing those who help to promote the game on YouTube.

A healthy debate for sure, but EA is the boss and they have laid down the rules. Make sure you read the full statement in the link above and give us your reaction to these changes that will come into affect when FIFA 15 launches.

Have you always bought your FIFA 14 coins online from random trade websites?



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