Fans name PS Plus September 2014 update

By Alan Ng - Aug 25, 2014

A few days ago, we gave you our predicted picks for the highly anticipated PS PS September 2014 update, with Sony expected to announce the PS Plus September free PS4 games very soon.

Now though, we can see that fans have been getting stuck into the debate on what is coming themselves, with a massive topic that has started over on the official PlayStation Boards.

We predicted 5 games that we thought would have a good chance of being up for selection for next month’s update. These included Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, Octodad Dadliest Catch and Guacamelee.

Looking through the vast 12 pages and counting of the Sony ‘guess’ thread, we can see that many of you are also predicting Octodad as odds on favourite to be chosen. It was officially released onto the PSN in April, so it would seem a reasonable choice with the key sales period having died down after a few months on sale.

Other games that we see selected include Knack, with many of you saying that it is now time for Sony to consider delivering full ‘retail’ games, as opposed to smaller indie ones.

We still think it is far too early for Sony to offer this, but considering that they were initially willing to give away Driveclub for free, anything is possible of course and we would love to see it happen.

We are potentially just days away from the announcement so let us know your top predictions for what you think the games will be on PS4 and PS3.

Do you think September will be the month when we see full retail games such as Knack and Injustice offered for free, or from Sony’s point of view, do you think it’s still too early as we suggested?

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  • godly forbidden

    well i think they can give a retail game for ps4 now
    for an example…..tomb raider is OLD GAME it was out on the previous gen, it’s ridiculous at full price (i know, now it’s discounted…)
    they can give it for free without problems, but it’s like sony would like to lose all pl plus members
    they had a good star over xbox, now a lot of my friends (and people on the net) are selling ps4 to go for microsoft….

  • @curlydavies

    I don’t think we’ll see a full retail game this month, simply because Driveclub is coming in October (unless it gets delayed again) Full retails have traditionally taken 12months to make it to plus so I’m thinking we may not get the likes of Knack or Killzone until the first wednesday in December.