Dota 2 servers down, not working due to hack?

- Aug 25, 2014

It looks like is not working and gamers claim the Dota 2 servers went down due to a hack, or at the very least servers being attacked. You can see the tweets making these claims on this page, which feature times around 9 hours ago and might signal the Dota 2 servers have been down today for almost half a day.

If you play the Dota 2 game, then we’d love to know when you first noticed problems and how long ago the outage started? From what we can tell, the servers have been offline for at least an hour and problems started around 9 hours ago.

The tweets above and below talk about the DOTA 2 servers going down 8-9 hours ago and also talk about someone invading the Dota 2 stream. We’ve also embedded another tweet below naming the Lizard hackers, although we haven’t seen any confirmation in regard to the DOTA 2 server and website take down today.

How long has the Dota 2 servers been down for you today? Also, share a comment with your location and when you noticed things not working?

Update: we also notice is currently unavailable with an “Error 503 Service Unavailable” message. It is currently unclear when the website will be back online.

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  • Ryan

    I heard it’s due to an overload of Spanish on the North American servers…all those ñ’s and é’s.