Xbox Live down today, Lizard Squad boasts

By Alan Ng - Aug 24, 2014

Just hours after the PSN down time, it looks like it is now Microsoft’s turn to come under attack. Within the last few hours, we have been seeing some limited activity on Xbox Live. Initially it wasn’t thought to be a hack but at the time of writing the Xbox Live server status website reveals that Xbox Live is down in fact in some sections.

This is after an initial threat on Xbox Live in which Microsoft has already responded by saying that their service hasn’t come under any attack, despite a Tweet by the ‘Lizard Squad’ asking their followers ‘Can anybody log into Xbox Live?’.

Now within the hour, it looks like Lizard Squad are again trying to play with the Xbox Live servers, as a new Tweet posted minutes ago provides another boast that they are trying to ‘perform tests’ with Xbox Live.

As far as we’re aware though, Xbox Live still remains open for business in terms of Xbox Live login. According to the official Xbox Live server status website though, we are still seeing the limited function message regarding Diablo 3, but nothing in terms of a full blown outage just yet.

The Xbox Live hacked claims appear to be at the forefront at the moment, but for now it looks like Lizard Squad haven’t been able to take down Xbox Live today in the same way in which they did with PSN.

How is your status at the moment in your area? This group boasts that they are currently ‘performing tests’ on Xbox Live, but can you get in?

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  • dominic

    I been having problems logging in my xbox live account here in green cove springs,fl

  • freekface

    Xbox Live has not been down at all, it’s been and still is working perfectly fine

    • You are flat out wrong

      Lel. Keep up the damage control. 🙂

      • Chris

        He’s not. Its only effect 360 and not everyone is getting effected on 360. I have no problem on either here in Fort Walton Beach, Florida…