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Star Wars Commander crystal hack warning

Have you downloaded Star Wars Commander yet for iPhone? We told you about this game a few days ago, which has been released by developers Playdom and plays very similar to one certain Clash of Clans. Despite the launch just days ago though, we can already see claims that an Star Wars Commander iPhone hack is available.

Like any other Playdom game, whether it be Marvel Avengers Alliance on Facebook or Star Wars Commander, there’s always going to be a grind element to it. With Star Wars Commander, players will soon find that the premium currency crystals are hard to come by, as you’ll need them to keep progressing through the game.

We’ve already seen many complaints that the game is under a strict paywall, so hopefully Disney and Playdom will take that on board and ease up on the restrictive aspects of play, especially for a brand new mobile game and one with the luxurious Star Wars brand.

Avengers Alliance is actually very good in the fact that energy is fairly easy to come by on bonuses such as daily spins and hero deploy rewards. Hopefully once the dust settles on Star Wars Commander, we’ll see similar tactics in which players can freely keep playing for free as long as they put in the hours to grind.

The worst thing to happen is that Playdom lock down the game completely to crystal purchases, thus increasing temptation to look for Star Wars Commander free crystal hacks as we have already spotted from some places.

Have you started to play this game on iOS? As we told you before, the game is exclusive to iPhone and iPad for a month, after that it will then be available on Android.

Are you finding it hard to gather crystals for Star Wars Commander?



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