PSN down today, theories why not working

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 25, 2014

This article has been updated thanks to PSN going down again today, on August 25. Users started reporting problems again when they try to sign-in to PSN, although it seems like some people can access online play while others find the sign in not working today. This sounds like another hacker attack, read about the DDOS attack postponing maintenance, and we’re seeing user reports every few seconds explaining “PSN is down”.

Some of the reports we’ve received in the last few minutes include “down in Norway”, “Yes, my PlayStation Network will not let me log back in”, and “Cannot log in, I get error code 8002A548”. These are just a few comments from thousands being made right now.

Original article from Aug 24th: The PlayStation Network is down today and this is one day before it was expected to be not working due to planned maintenance. Thanks to this also being a weekend, it has been really annoying for those not expecting PSN to be down until August 25.

Looking at the feedback so far, it look like PSN has been down today for around 3 hours and this is in the UK, USA, and in other countries around the globe.

We’ve heard from a number of locations including London and New York, where PSN users said the service hasn’t been working for a few hours. It is unclear why gamers can’t get online with both PS4 and PS3, although we’ve reached out to Sony for comment.


Considering PSN will go down tomorrow for scheduled maintenance, we wonder if this downtime continues today if tomorrows outage will be cancelled rather than having long downtime two days in a row.

Is PSN down for you today as well and if so, how long has the online service not been working? If you’ve been able to sign in, then share your location and when things started working again for you.

Update: The last message from the official Ask PlayStation Twitter channel stated, “PSN is online, try to sign in again.”. We’ve heard a few rumors claiming this was a large DDOS attack and one error message users have reported getting during these problems stated, “NW-31201-7: Cannot connect to the server”.

Are you one of those having problems with PlayStation Network on August 25th as well? If so, what error codes are you getting and do you know anyone else that can sign in to PSN? The official status page details all services as online, although that isn’t the case on August 25th at 5:19PM UK time (12:19PM EST).

Update Aug 25: The PSN status page has just confirmed more issues, although they still list the service as online, it also states you’ll see “slowness and authentication failures for a while” yet.

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  • watson10122

    why its not working?
    PSN not working?

  • watson10122

    why its not working?
    PSN not working?

  • Alexanderlovin Her Smith

    why wont dese biches hack xbox or sumthin im tired of this crap being shut down or sumthin because some stupid bich hackers bruh and my junk still aint workin -_-

  • Rick R

    I am in the US of A. Been down over 24 hrs for me(haven’t checked in 6 hours though) I thought it might be router problems or had to buy a refurbished P3. I am glad I Googled this.

  • Tim

    1:38pm and still can’t log in, Brisbane Australia. I rang Sony and they claim it’ll be fixed but no time.

  • Mark

    It’s been down here in New Zealand since 9pm (at least) last night, so it’s up to 16 and a 1/2 hours now.

  • Nelson904

    Florida, got a NW-31201-7 error… Not sure how long it’s been off, I just turned on my ps4 a few minutes ago (11:31PM).

  • Bobbie Riffle

    Plus I have a ps4 playing cod ghost and the last 3-4 days have been hell. Glitching lagging loosing connection to host. Bad just bad

  • Bobbie Riffle

    It’s 10:31 pm eastern time here an it’s been down that I know of since 5 pm

  • Specks

    Hi I’m from Birmingham,England and it’s 3:30am and I’m getting the (NW-31201-7) message. Does anyone know when it’ll be up and running?

  • Cait

    Adelaide, SA. been trying to get on since this morning… WTF SONY!

  • Jezze Xamez

    Would be nice to have some idea when we will be able to get back on. Also if the maintance will still Be on for tomorrow or not. Or if it will be a month like back in 2012 till we can get back on

  • Jezze Xamez

    Troll hackers overloaded psn’s servers with artificial traffic to shut them down. Some group Lizard or something like that. What a bunch of %$#&s

    • Rick R

      I wish I could understand why people do this.

  • Bob

    Melbourne has been offline since around midnight it’s now 11 am

  • Padraig

    I live in louth Ireland and can’t log in either

  • Jason

    I live in Melbourne, Australia and I couldn’t get on

  • Carlos

    I live in Houston texas and I couldn’t get online this whole day

  • derek

    i live in iowa, and i have been stuck offline for at least 4 hours

    • derek

      and the fact that i have to pay playstation plus for this, it would be nice if sony “hooked us up” with a free three months or something, since i did pay to be able to use it today

  • Clinton

    I live in Pennsylvania. (USA) Lost connection on my ps4 at about 445 a.m. (about 15 hours ago) and i still cant log on.

  • scullcandy543

    Help guys I can’t sign in to Xbox live on my ps3

  • Aaronlh95

    Im online with gta on ps3

  • phoenix118

    I can only sign-in to psn, but no home,online gaming or store. I get: cannot connect to the server error message. It has been that way since 10:30 am EST. Never got that error message NW-31201-7 mine was: z (-1, -????) I didn’t copy down the error code.

  • Joe S

    Still not working this takes the piss

  • grayfox

    Come on guys get it together wtf do we pay your for?

  • Sean Gatto

    No maintenance could not login in until 5 minutes ago


    Last three tweets from John, in case you don’t use twitter, should be off the plane by now, I will post if he tweets anything important.

    John Smedley @j_smedley · 2h

    In the case of a ddos with the help of our ISPs we can filter out the ddos. But it’s filtered close to our network.

    John Smedley @j_smedley · 2h

    The problem is upstream of our network we have no control. So they are flooding the routes to us too. That’s how it works.

    John Smedley @j_smedley · 2h

    Going offline for 3 hours.. Flying back to SD. No wifi on this flight sadly

  • Ramon Recardo Howerton

    Actually this was a SCHEDULED maintenance. No DDOS lol. It should be back up later this afternoon at worse.


      Incorrect, LOL


    The following is a tweet from the president of Sony Online
    John Smedley @j_smedley Follow

    We are under attack by a large scale ddos. Being dealt with but it will impact games until its handled.

    6:59 AM – 24 Aug 2014

    135 Retweets 43 favorites

    • derek

      i figured the playstation plus we had to pay for on ps4 now was going to help advance sonys online security


    i sign in on my bros ps3 but not mine f*** u psn!

  • jhart

    It let me sign in round 8 central and nothing since.

  • bitsgal

    Error message: “Sony Entertainment Network is currently undergoing maintenance (NP-35000-8).”

  • Branden

    Looks like PSN went down around the world thanks to a DDOS attack, hackers at it again.

    • blah

      idjut, it’s scheduled maintanance that unscheduled.. stopped spreading false shiet.

      • pitbull900rr

        Why would psn say its still online then. It says im logged in and can see friends list but cannot get into store or inline gameplay. Maintenance was to be tomorrow not today

      • KILL_EM_ALL

        Do your research before flaming someone
        Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley has taken to his Twitter in a bid to dampen fears that the PlayStation Network outage will be affecting gamers for much longer.

        Earlier today it was confirmed that Sony’s PlayStation Network was pulled offline due to a DDoS attack, which was later claimed to be by hacking group ‘Lizard Squad’ who commented on its intentions through Twitter.

        The situation will ring ugly in the ears of PlayStation gamers who have experienced similar – albeit larger scale – issues back on PlayStation 3 when a hacking campaign took Sony’s Network offline for over a month.

        It looks as if Sony’s engineers may have the situation under control and we expect the Network to be fully operational before long.