iOS 8 release date reiterated

- Aug 24, 2014

Back in June, we predicted when the iOS 8 release date would likely be and pinpointed it down to a one week window. Also, considering beta 6 went to carriers only it makes sense for the Gold Master to also continue the pattern of being released to developers right after the iPhone 6 keynote.

The latest rumors only give weight to the window for a non-dev download date and if the Apple event ends up taking place on September 9, then we still believe the iOS 8 public release date will be between September 15-21.

In fact, last year iOS 7 released the week following Apple’s event and on a Wednesday. If the same happens in 2014, then we would expect the exact iOS 8 release date to be Wednesday September 17.

Taking a look at previous launch patterns also confirms this possibility, although this all depends on Apple going ahead with the rumored Sept 9 event date. We’ll finally know if that date is official once invitations arrive, so you can keep an eye out for those releasing to press around Sept 1st or 2nd.

Take a look at the likely iOS 8 public release date pinpointed on the calendar below and share a comment with your thoughts on iOS 8 below, from what you’ve seen so far. We’ll update our readers the moment invitations arrive with a solid press event date.

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  • Mike

    The iOS 7 download was very slow at launch, so this year I will wait until the day later for iOS 8. Can’t be doing with all the server crashing again this year.