Xbox One new feature to beat PS4 PS Plus

By Alan Ng - Aug 22, 2014

We know that most of you are patiently waiting for Microsoft to release details of the exciting Xbox Games with Gold September 2014 update, but in the meantime it looks like Microsoft are in secret testing on a potentially massive feature for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

At the moment, you know that Microsoft are committed to offering two free games on Xbox One, as part of their Games with Gold Program, similarly in the way in which Sony now offer two free PS4 games a month on PS Plus.

Now though, it has been discovered by the community that Microsoft are planning to extend the feature list of Games with Gold. The screenshot which you see below suggests that Microsoft plans to hold events which will allow some Xbox One games to be played for free for 24 hours.

The game in question here is Max: Curse of the Brotherhood which was previously available for free with Games with Gold. However, for those that missed it it’s a great opportunity to try games out before buying them.

Microsoft hasn’t made an official announcement on this new feature which they are calling Xbox Free Play Day with Gold, but we expect them to announce something in the coming hours.

If they are willing to offer the same promotion on bigger games such as Ryse and Forza, it would be a fantastic feature in our opinion and definitely something that would make Sony take note.

Did you also spot this feature on your console in the last 24 hours? Give us your reaction to this and whether you think this is a great idea by Microsoft or not to up the stakes in their battle with Sony’s excellent PS Plus program.

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  • yougotserved

    Fail, with PS3 you can already play some games for free for 24 hours if you have PlayStation plus, they’ve had that service for a while, only a matter time until its on ps4 when there are more games out, so this ‘new feature’ has already been done. Once again the Americans are playing catch up haha

  • sony and microsoft user

    Xbox will never amount to Sony. Along with the PS Plus they offer free PS Vita games as well. Microsoft has no hand held system. You have to finish your game at the house and not on the go. There for Microsoft cld never out do Sony.

  • J

    Wow I am so excited to play a game for 24 hours. No not really this sounds great but just another way for xbone to lure customers to buying more. Five games free a month sounds much better. Lol

  • J

    Xbone will always screw you money wise . Make a controller where you don’t have to buy extra stuff for it, battery pack etc. start copying ps with the free games , wow, lotta skill xbone. How about take over a year for 1080. Lol. Or better yet make your console have kinect mandatory and then take it away cause you know it’s a waste. Or how about change your recording time to 15 minutes but wait make it 16 copycat. Or here’s another one make your online service cheaper. Microsoft with there four billion viruses on computers, I love it and hate it, that’s why I stick with apple computer nowadays less headaches and I don’t get conned into buying stuff like Microsoft does. Money money money that’s what I think of Microsoft , always trying to nickel and dime everything out of everybody.

    • Guest


    • Ryan_McN

      then go stick your d*** in a ps4. f*g

  • TwilightSquall

    Yeh onlive tried that look where they are now ….unless Sega and Nintendo comeback properly PLAYSTATION rules X BONE drools add me on Psn if u Xbox don’t ever add me

    • gerald bransol

      you play wwe?

      • gerald bransol

        will you be playing wwe 2k15? if so add me Gucci23430 ..

  • mrot978

    I gues you haven’t heard of PlayStation Share Play.

    • Psfanboy4

      Yeah, that one hour of coop play sure is cute

      • mrot978

        I rather play for 2 hours every time by friend lets me play his game for free than have a game for 24 hours and only play it for 2 hours. This xbox feature sounds great for an xbox one owners but it is only on gold games, pls plus not only gives you games but the share play is for any games as many times as your buddy lets you. Now I have both the xbox one and ps4 but the ps4 is my main gaming machine not a fanboy of either but the author of this article clearly is.

        • luis

          it lets you try it out wtf is big deal

        • mrot978

          My comment was a response, I understand it’s trying out a game but is your buddy let’s you, you can actually play the whole game without paying for it. I usually play for about an hour before I stop, then watch Netflix, then play for about 30 mins then I’m done. I’m going to love this feature.

      • Josh101

        Must have also forgotten that the PS3 has this feature already.

      • lol

        That one hour of co-op play at a single time with unlimited hours to use sure is cute

  • FREDFreacking

    Made in error 😉