Star Wars Commander Android release date anger

By Alan Ng - Aug 22, 2014

We have some excellent news for Star Wars fans now, but not particularly good news if you are an Android user. A new game called Star Wars Commander is live, although only for iOS at the moment. Those waiting for an Star Wars Commander Android release date will have to hold on for a little longer.

The app only launched this week, but we can already predict that it is going to be a massive hit. Gameplay looks very similar to Clash of Clans, where players will have to spend resources in order to build up base defences and in-turn prepare to go on the attack to take out rival bases.

Command and Conquer fans are going to fall in love with this one and it looks like Disney has already stuck gold by offering a similar format to Clash of Clans which is immensely popular, but with the Star Wars license meaning all of the characters and classic themes to boot.

We can tell you though that the iOS version has an exclusive deal in place, with Apple and Disney coming to agreement on 30-days of exclusivity. As a result, you’ll have to wait until the end of September for an Android release date and you can see by the feedback above that Android users are not happy.

Lightsabers at the ready!

[Lightsabers at the ready!]

Of course, it’s become a familiar trend with other popular apps so it shouldn’t really act as a shock anymore with developers also favoring iOS development over Android as a preference.

Still, this game looks fantastic and we hope that the Android version could benefit from a more stable release in case any bugs are found within the iOS version.

Enjoy the 30 minutes of gameplay that we have included below to get a taster of Star Wars Commander and let us know what you think. To all Android users out there: Are you feeling annoyed at the moment?

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  • FFH767

    Star Wars Commander first appeared on the Play Store in certain territories at the end of last June or July 1, was promptly pirated, has gameplay videos on YouTube for the Android version, and then pulled from the Play Store some time after the release of v2.0.2.

  • Damo

    Goes to show. Disney are apple fan boy fags.

  • Anon E Muss

    I’m already playing it on my iPad but will port my info over to my S4 when the android version releases. No worries on my part. I love the game so far! The story mode is awesome! And challenging.

  • Jamie Martin

    Fu*k them if they gonna play that game im just not gonna instill it there are more android uses than ios users so their loss #boycott