PSN down on Monday affects online play

By Alan Ng - Aug 22, 2014

We have a word of warning to all PS3 and PS4 players now. Sony has given advance warning that the PSN will be down next week for another bout of maintenance. The big problem this time is that during the maintenance window, you will not be able to play games online.

Usually with PSN outages that we have seen in the past, PlayStation users are at least given the option of staying signed in with the network but this time it looks like there will be a cut off point and any user that is not signed in well in advance is going to lose the ability to play offline.

Sony has said that PSN will be down on Monday August 25 at 5.40pm UK time until Tuesday morning at 12.50am. That is a good 7 hours offline to deal with, meaning that the outage will occur in the US on Monday at 9.40am Pacific Time until 4.50pm, or 12.40am Eastern Time until 7.50pm.

During this time, we have been told that the following services will be unavailable: PlayStation Store on all devices, PlayStation Network Account Management, PlayStation Network Account Registration, Entertainment services, Online gameplay, Signing in via PAL PlayStation sites.

Sony hasn’t gone into detail on why they are taking PSN offline again, but hopefully with a 7 hour window it will be meaningful and could lead to some new features or extra stability down the road.

We have also seen conflicting reports suggesting that users will still be able to play online, but only if they keep signed into PSN at least 24 hours in advance. We’re yet to see this confirmed by Sony though, so just to be safe you may want to keep your console turned on and remain signed in at all times if you are desperate to play online.

We also remember Sony promising that the arrival of the PS4 with its PC-like architecture will mean an end to constant PSN maintenance windows like this, but obviously that has yet to materialise.

Are you surprised that Sony are still taking down the PSN for long amounts of time like this upcoming maintenance? Give us your predictions on what you think Sony will be doing during the outage.

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  • buuuurnnnn

    Its been attacked by the lizardsquad hahahar. Check their twitter 🙂

  • Jeffrey A. Brewer Jr.

    I can’t even watch Hulu or Netflix because of PSN being down. WTF????

  • james Anderson

    Its really annoying that Sony keeps doing this, they should give us free games like last time

  • Thomas Temple

    Psn down

  • nick

    It’s down Sunday ? Instead of Monday ! 😡

  • howellcom

    If it’s scheduled for Monday, why is it down now?

  • Sinestro

    How long will this be down for?

  • adz7957

    me too wtf thought this was not happening till tomorrow?

  • Josh

    When’s it back up?

  • Aaron

    What time is the PSN shedualed to be back online in the UK?

  • dolie904

    Yeah mine is down too

  • dan

    My psn is already offline… cant sign in

    • Killa0880

      Me to wtf

  • imjuzta_GIRL

    Are they deleting modders?
    Or ksa

    • Dan

      Can you sign on psn now?

  • Mk333

    Is this affecting PSN Asia as well?

  • just_me

    I don’t care how long it’s OFFLINE, as long they gonna improve it. It can be offline even 24 hours

    • just544

      My Psn is down too i can sign on the ps4 but not go in store