Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics shutting down

By Alan Ng - Aug 22, 2014

We have some very surprising news to bring to Marvel fans now and unfortunately it’s not good. Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics is shutting down, only months after launching. There has been no explanation from Disney or Playdom on the matter, with players now venting their fury on how to claim back spent gold.

If you are familiar with Marvel Avengers Alliance, which is a separate game, you’ll be aware of Playdom’s format. Either spend countless hours grinding to your hearts content to unlock content and resources, or spend real money to purchase gold and get the job done quicker.

It’s the same business with Avengers Alliance Tactics, but sadly Playdom has just made the news official that Avengers Alliance Tactics is closing. Even more worrying for those that have spent money on the game, is that you may not get a refund.


Aside from that general statement which the developer released when booting up the game, here’s what else we found on Playdom’s support pages:

“It is a difficult decision to shut down this game, but this will allow us to focus on building new and more engaging games. We appreciate your support and understanding. Please understand that support for this title will be limited leading up to its closure and issues that would require additional assistance and or game fixes, will not be addressed prior to the shutdown. Please note that Playdom is not responsible for providing refunds or credits for any virtual items, in-game currency, or other items that may be no longer available once a game is shut down. More information may be found in our Terms of Use.”

That statement about the developer not being responsible may be worrying for those that have spent a lot of gold on the game. Believe us when we say we’ve played MAA frequently and know how addicted some players are, by pouring hundreds of dollars if necessary, just for ‘virtual’ bragging rights – it’s somewhat disturbing.

To those that are trying to get their money back, we say good luck to you as Disney has been shutting down several other Playdom games recently – including Pirates of the Caribbean.

The official Avengers Alliance Tactics shut down date is October 22 2014, so you’ll be able to continue playing until then. If you have been playing daily, give us your reaction to the news – especially if you have poured real cash into the game.

How do you feel about this – are you worried that the same treatment may ultimately hit Avengers Alliance on Facebook?

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  • GandalfTheOrange

    It was a fun game, but the interface was extremely slow and laggy. PvP was stupid and should not have been implemented the way it was. That game was BEGGING for live PvP but alas, no dice.

  • Darren James Seeley

    I haven’t spent money playing the game- and it was good. But if I had to guess, it would be one or more of the following : lag issues, long loading time, forced refresh, and getting those command points for heroes and to train agents.

    This may not have been an issue fir some- but for ithers, it may have been, In fact, I want to highlight on one of them.
    The agents.

    When you get your CP you focused on training your heroes. Not your agents. Sure, you’d get them up to a l2 or 3 but the focus was on the heroes. So here;’s PvP,. What do you do? You use your heroes to attack other player bases who are usually guarded by….level 2 agents with a little gun. Your (my) team of Iron Man and Black Panther and whoever else can clean the house of others, including lower ranked players. Only a few times did I encounter a hero team and when I did, it was only in one building. In other words, pillaging is sadistic fun but it isn’t challenging. Where are the opponent’s heroes? Pillaging your bases with no heroes, that’s where – or on missions.

    Consider the PvP in Avengers Alliance where if heroes are training, they can still be in PvP. Heroes and agents training can’t be used to guard bases for PvP.

    Then there’s the more obvious problem. Compare Tactics to Marvel Heroes Online.,

  • Joshua

    To me, the game’s not bad at all. Its kinda unexpected to see this game being shut down after a few months of it’s release. For those who didn’t use money on games, then they’re not really at a lost here, just the hardwork spent into the game.

  • Justin

    at least it is not marvel alliance. I actually blew maybe 100 bucks since I first started 10 bucks here and there over the past few years

  • Sergio Junior

    band of thieves they won’t get more money from me this should be illegal business practice

  • Ervine Punzalan

    Spent countless hours on this game till i reached L300. A day later, its shutting down!? Boi, good thing i didnt spent money on this. Long time MAA player so i know how Playdom steal the show!