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Swing Copters High score world record impossible

Swing Copters for iPhone and Android is now live. We can see it available from the App Store to download and just like Flappy Bird, it’s a free install from Dong Nguyen. Unfortunately though, it’s another head banger as Swing Copters is too hard and some of you may have a difficult time getting a Swing Copters High score or even a ‘world record’.

We thought Flappy Bird was tough, but it is nothing compared to the Swing Copters difficulty curve which takes a long time to master. We must have had around 50 test runs and even then we couldn’t get past 5 at all – even getting past the first girder is a challenge in itself.

We can already offer up the first Swing Copters tip for you – turn off the sound. If you don’t, you’ll probably want to smash your iPad, iPhone or Android device to pieces after constantly hearing the same jingle in your head as you try to get a single point on the board on Swing Copters.

Based on the early feedback on social media, it looks like most of you are feeling the pain too. We can just imagine creator Dong Nguyen sitting in an armchair by the fire with a Mr Burns evil grin on his face, as he sees the reaction to his latest project.

Will it end up as popular as Flappy Bird though? That remains to be seen, but the difficulty level may need to be addressed in a Swing Copters update if Dong wants player numbers to be active consistently.

We did a similar high scores for Flappy Bird thread and it proved very popular. Give us your Swing Copters high scores so far or if you have seen evidence of someone hitting an early Swing Copters World Record.

We’ll do our best to update this and add your high scores when possible. Do you agree that Swing Copters is too hard, or do you see is as another genius step by Dong Nguyen and a great challenge?

Update: High score to beat is 11, from Twitter user Rokxzs – good luck!



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