Surgeon Simulator PS4 review prompts Android APK

Have you been having fun with Surgeon Simulator for the PS4 this week? The console version launched last week and as a result we can see it has also had an effect on the number of users who are searching for an Surgeon Simulator Android APK.

The game is great fun and although Surgeon Simulator is not free to download, we fully recommend you pay the small fee and join thousands of others who have enjoyed making videos of their trials and tribulations on experimenting on Bob for the better or worse!

PS4 users can get hold of the game for a very reasonable $12 and we can already see from the initial Surgeon Simulator PS4 reviews that there is a very positive response to the game, helpful from the fact that the PC version had such a strong following.

Now, we have picked out a specific Surgeon Simulator PS4 review for you to take a look at below, while we have also included some gameplay as well for those that are yet to hear about the game.

It’s definitely geared towards a niche number of gamers but those that have paid the fee seem to be very happy with what the game and the customizable features it offers.

Those who are looking for the APK may want to take a step back and decide whether it is really worth leaving developers Bossa Studios out of pocket. If you have bought the game recently on any platform, let us know if you think it is worth it and the experience that you have had with Surgeon Simulator so far.



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