Minecraft PS4 release can’t shake bugs

We were hoping to see a Minecraft PS4 release date before the end of the week, but unfortunately we have some rather sad news to bring you now. 4J Studios, developers of Minecraft PS4 Edition have made a statement saying that Sony did not clear certification for the game and found bugs within the title.

As a result, Minecraft PS4 is now back in the hands of 4J Studios meaning that the game has been delayed until further notice as the developers race around the clock to get the game in a better state.

Considering that Minecraft for PS4 has already been in development for a long time, it’s not going to bode well for fans who were hoping to see Minecraft finally available on next-gen after a successful PS3 launch.

The Tweet above confirms the news from 4J Studios and shows that the developers themselves are sad about the fact that it didn’t pass certification. The fact that they admit Minecraft having to go through testing again could mean an even longer wait.

All this leads us to question the status of Minecraft Xbox One. 4J Studios has been silent on Microsoft’s version as of late, but could we now see a scenario where the Minecraft Xbox One Edition is launched before PS4?

If you were also expecting this game to launch this week, give us your reaction to this big blow. Is Minecraft a game that is sadly always going to be associated with bugs?



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