Mario Balotelli Liverpool transfer prompts FIFA 15 rating

If you thought Luis Suarez to Barcelona was the biggest shock of the transfer window, it looks like Liverpool may be at the forefront again with an even bigger shocker. Mario Balotelli to Liverpool transfer appears to be done and now we look ahead to how he could fair on FIFA 15.

As far as we’re aware, talks are ongoing between Liverpool and AC Milan, but the Italian club have officially confirmed on their website that a transfer for Balotelli away from the club is on the cards.

Super Mario is no stranger to the Premiership of course and he’s also no stranger to FIFA 14 Ultimate Team players, who have enjoyed winning both his Manchester City and AC Milan Ultimate Team cards.

At the moment, Balotelli has an 84 rating on FIFA 14 and we have seen from one rating prediction that Mario could actually be downgraded by EA. One video that we have to show you projects Balotelli with an 83 rating on FIFA 15, although personally we don’t think it will happen.

A second video which we have also included below shows another potential FIFA 15 rating, this time keeping Balotelli at the same rating of 84 on FIFA 15, which we think is a lot more likely scenario.

We all know that Mario has the talent, but will this prove to be another strike of genius by Brendan Rogers to unlock Super Mario’s assortment of tools? Let us know your reaction to this transfer and what rating you think Mario will have from EA on FIFA 15.



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