Ignore No More app removed from Play Store

By Peter Chubb - Aug 21, 2014

The Ignore No More app was released on Android on the 18th of this month and the lady behind the tool said that she was already working on a version for iOS. However, there has been a lot of controversy behind the app because many parents believe it goes too far in invading children’s privacy, and so we are not surprised to see Ignore No More has been removed from the Play Store.

We have tried several times to go to the page to download the Ignore No More app, but each time we were presented with the message, “We’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.” It is not yet known why it was removed, or when, but a Google snapshot of the page shows that it was up yesterday, August 20th.

Controversy behind Ignore No More – Children and many parents believe that this is one-step too far seeing as though many of them already have access to their Facebook pages, so reducing full access to their phone if they do not check in at certain times seems too much. Having said that, some parents believe that it is their right to keep an eye on their kids, not only for their safety, but also considering the fact that they pay the cell phone bill each month.

People who installed the app took to the Google Play Store to share their views on this app, and it wasn’t positive. One user said that they were not happy in the fact that they had to pay to install it on each device, while another said that when they tried to lock the phone it never worked.

It would seem that Ignore No More was a bit of a scam – because it does not tell you that you have to purchase the app for each phone until you install it. As a result some people have now tried to uninstall the app, but for some reason it has started to lock their phones.

Did you install the Ignore No More app, if so what were your findings?

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  • Maggie

    It locked my phone and It won’t let me uninstall it. Really frustrating..

  • jb

    I loved the app, & no you didn’t have to pay to put on each phone. People need to learn how to read and follow directions.

  • teenahope

    According to google, they didn’t remove it.

    • pianoman

      It’s still gone, so someone removed it. It’s a dumb idea anyway, without root access it is impossible to prevent an app from being uninstalled in Android.

  • the lady behind it sounds like a spiteful parent…

  • Henry

    an app you cannot uninstall I would call a VIRUS