Bing vs Google Maps for 3D street view in cities

By Peter Chubb - Aug 21, 2014

Bing and Google have been at it with each other for years, and no matter what Microsoft seems to do, they always seem to be on their back foot. Microsoft tried to rebrand its search engine, and in turn saw the release of Bing Maps, but it seems that Google Maps is still the ideal choice.

However, not one to give up Microsoft recently issued an update, which adds street side views, which now makes us wonder what the result of a Bing vs Google Maps for 3D street view in cities showdown would be?

Microsoft’s Bing Maps is the answer to Google’s Street View, which offers 64 new cities, along with another 29 with 3D maps. That is not all, as Microsoft has also added more to its arsenal in order to take the fight to Google, and that is the inclusion of high-resolution aerial imagery, which is the equivalent of Google’s satellite view, and is supported in 150 countries.

Even thought this progress is seen as a step in the right direction for Microsoft and its Maps feature, it is still left far behind by Google, seeing as though they have 3,000 cities across 50 countries in its Street View imagery database.

You might say that Google should be farther ahead because they had a two-year head start seeing as though Street View was launched in 2007 and Street Side followed in 2009. However, you would have thought they would have caught up more than they have.

You can find the complete new Streetside cities list here, as well as 3D cities. There is also sample high-resolution aerial imagery. It is clear that Microsoft is still playing catch-up, but they are moving in the right direction and offers a great alternative for those who do not care much for Google.

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  • Having both companies offer streetview is such a waste of resources. I see it as duplicated efforts for the same (if not very similar) product.

  • justd80010

    I haven’t seen the two side by side, and it’s true that MS doesn’t support nearly enough locations, including the city I live in, but the Bing 3-D maps are really impressive, both in imagery and performance.

    • do you know if Bing will have an app for Bing Maps on the iphone? I was looking for this after reading this article but I could not find one


      • Peter Chubb

        The Bing app for iPhone, which you can find here, states that it has Maps.

      • justd80010

        Not that I’m aware of no… it’s been painfully slow going even on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. But I’m sure eventually they will seeing as how more and more iPhone services are Bing powered now anyway, Bing maps, with a little more polish, would seem like a natural port to the iPhone.

      • rbrundritt

        On iPhone there are a couple of Bing apps that include Bing Maps already. Rather than having a standalone app its packaged with the “Bing Search” app.

        • does that allow turn by turn directions or is it just a map?

  • Are there any side by side comparisons?