WWE Supercard Legendary cards for free

By Alan Ng - Aug 20, 2014

Earlier this week we gave you an introduction to WWE Supercard, the new card app that is taking everyone by surprise – in a good way. It’s been developed by 2K Games as their second WWE game after WWE 2K15 and after playing we can immediately spot how difficult it is to obtain WWE Supercard Legendary cards for free.

Legendary cards are the grand prize for this game, equivalent to say a Ronaldo or Messi Team of the Season card on FIFA Ultimate Team. Unfortunately for Supercard players though and just like Ultimate Team, it looks like the only way to get the best cards is to buy packs for real money.

Hearthstone has a great system in place, allowing players to get rare cards for free as long as they take the time to grind. With WWE Supercard however, we’re yet to see a Legendary card that we can earn in-game without spending.

The closest we have come to this is getting a Super Rare Batista card – not bad picking out Drax the Destroyer at the end of the day though, so definitely no complaints.

With the game proving an instant success already, we’re hoping that 2K will implement some measures or perhaps hold some official WWE Supercard events, allowing fans to pick up some Legendary cards as a prize, without paying.

At this point though, it looks like opening packs for $24.99 is your best hope and even then you are not guaranteed to get a Legendary card, but an Epic card at the very least.

How has your luck been with WWE Supercard pack openings so far – what is the best card that you have managed to get for free at the moment? Do you agree with us, in saying that 2K need to make it easier to get Legendary cards?

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  • hinchy2014

    I have a ultra rare hulk hogan I have 2 and intent let me make him pro

  • Terry

    I agree im in epic tier plus and i was in it for like 2 MONTHS and one epic!!!! Someone fix it please :/

  • Sonnar

    Well you guys probably havent been playing to long. Ive played just under 5000 matches in exhibition and i have drawn 2 epic cards. Ive found that the cards page you get right after attaining a new tier has a card of that tier in it. And as i am currently in the epic+ tier that stil holds.

    • 100%

      Ikr it’s so dumb

  • R2DLu

    Just today, i managed to pull into to epic teir in kotr, currenty match 9 in 2nd place. But my best card is from ultra rare tier kotr champion, a perfect pro (training 1/1 on both) ultra rare ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude. Good stats. Better than my Epic Shawn Michaels.

  • Sukh

    Best I got was super rare ultimate warrior

  • Bryan Baldwin

    It’s designed so that you either have to grind a crapload and get incredibly lucky or have a very well designed deck that you maintain in KOTR to get a great card. If you’re not willing to wait weeks/month or work incredibly hard in KOTR (and get a bit lucky) then you just drop 25 bucks. System is working as intended.

  • Jay

    Pretty sure I’ll be on epic rewards from KOTR when my next tournament starts. Then I imagine it’ll be a week or 2 til I move up to legendary. I haven’t paid for anything

  • Joe Brown

    Getting the pair of super rare cards for winning KOTR is good because you can max each one out and then combine them as a pro. I already have Super Rare Pros maxed out of Brock Lesnar, Batista, Mr. McMahon, and R-Truth. Plus I have Super Rares of Cesaro, Big Show, Andre, Christian, Fandango, Rey Mysterio, and Eddie Guerrero. I just now got an Ultra Rare Kofi Kingston. I have got all these cards by just playing exhibition games and winning 2 KOTR tournaments. I haven’t spent a dollar to open packs.

    • Matt

      Is it better to max them out individually then combine, or combine then max out?

      • Bryan Baldwin

        Max out and then combine and it’s not even close. Maxed out/combined,then maxed out again SR card is superior to a purple UR card by about 80 total points spread across all stats. Fairly significant and much easier to get a pair of SR at this point.

  • Morbid

    If you upgrade your cards before combining you maximize the stats and the more maximized combined cards you have the higher up you go in tiers and eventually you can get the legendary cards for free in king of the ring guaranteed. At the rate I’m playing i estimate a play time of one month until you get to that point.

    • Bryan Baldwin

      You’re spot on; KOTR is designed to be where you get the higher tier cards, not random pulls. Though I’m sure you can pull them from exhibitions but it must be incredibly rare.

  • Mr Stomp

    The best card i could come up with just playing were 2 super rare Brock cards = A Brock pro! 1250 games later.

  • Mr Stomp

    I’ve been playing this ridiculously addicting game for 4 days straight now with a 1150-110 record & have YET to grab a $*#@( legendary card!, By the way,I won a KOTR & got 2 of the same rare cards 🙁 Thanks for nothing.

    • Uncle Deadly

      That was the point: you get two of the same, you combine them and it becomes stronger than just one.

      • Bryan Baldwin

        You got it, max two out, combine and you’ve got an insanely powerful card! The fact that you get a pair of identical cards for taking 2nd or first is ridiculously rewarding!

  • TEST

    You can win them in the KOTR tournament…