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WWE Supercard John Cena Legendary unwanted

How are you getting on with your WWE Supercard Legendary list? We spoke about this earlier in the week when it seemed impossible to get hold of these rare cards for free, with players instead having to fork out real cash on WWE Supercard packs for only a ‘chance’ to get a Legendary card.

Now, we can see the first evidence that players have begun to win legendary cards. Unfortunately we don’t have picture evidence to show you, but we do have one Tweet from a player who claims that he has already managed to get possibly the most sought after card in the entire game.

That card is WWE Supercard John Cena Legendary, although to our surprise it seems that the player itself didn’t even want it. Staying true to the ‘love hate relationship’ that John Cena has with the WWE Universe, most players would be over the moon to receive a Legendary Cena card as a first legendary to the collection.

If the player in question doesn’t want his John Cena card, we’re sure there will be thousands of other players out there who would gladly accept it. Love him or hate him, would you want to get John Cena as your first WWE Supercard legendary card?

Give us your thoughts on this and also if you have managed to get a Legendary card yourself yet, by opening an expensive $24.99 pack.



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