Vital Xbox Games with Gold for September 1st

By Alan Ng - Aug 20, 2014

Most of you will have been delighted with Dishonored arriving on Xbox 360 as part of August Games for Gold. Xbox One owners on the other hand may be looking for something better than what was offered for them. With this in mind, we look forward to the Xbox Games with Gold September update on Xbox One which should arrive at the very beginning of September.

While Crimson Dragon for Xbox One was pretty, it wasn’t the game that some were after after seeing Sony impress with the likes of Towerfall Ascension and then following it up with Fez – arguably two of the finest indie titles out there at the moment.

Still though, September is another opportunity for Microsoft to deliver and we can already see that gamers are getting very excited on what could be coming. So far, we’ve been surprised to see heavy demand for Battlefield 4 to be included as the Xbox One Games with Gold September game.

It’s worth remembering though that EA Access is live on Xbox One and Battlefield 4 is a game that is offered as part of their subscription – EA will not want Microsoft to shy users away by offering the same game for free, so although we would love to see Battlefield 4 go free – we just don’t see it happening.

We also think it’s still too early for Microsoft to be offering full retail games for free either. We can see Xbox Games with Games September predictions that include Assassin’s Creed 4 and Dead Rising 3 – but put yourself in the shoes of Capcom and Ubisoft and wonder how they would feel giving their games away for absolutely nothing.

More indie games are coming we feel and hopefully Microsoft can pick something out on Xbox One that actually has some great replay value to it akin to what Sony delivered with Towerfall Ascension and Fez.

Although the word ‘indie’ referenced with Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus often draw groans from gamers, it’s still going to be the trend until 2015 when Sony and Microsoft can finally consider the option of giving away retail gamers for free such as Ryse and Knack.

As an Xbox One owner, let us know if you were honestly disappointed with Strike Suit Zero and Crimson Dragon for the August games. Let us know 1) what you would personally love to see and 2) what you think Microsoft will actually offer for September.

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  • Étienne-A Beauregard

    I would love to get Forza 5 or DR3, but I know that won’t happen. I would bet on LocoCycle and Contrast for next month.

  • Shoebkhan

    xbox 360 : bioshock infinite and cod black ops 2

  • andresfgp13

    xbox one:outlast and lococicle.
    xbox 360:skyrim and brutal legend.

  • NavalStrike

    I think that MS should have more indie games available for free, like STEAM have, and if possible they should have classic games available for purchase or the be given with Games with Gold, like Sega classics and xbox 360 games. I think that one of the games for September will be WARFRAME.
    I’m almost 100% positive of this.

    • mj

      Isn’t WarFrame a free to play game?

  • keegan

    People need to realize that they aren’t going to send a copy of battlefield 4 to everyone and it isn’t on the Xbox store it’s only available by disk therefore battlefield is not going to be a game with gold it’s impossible.

    • Ian Ezell

      They added Dark Souls to Games on Demand for the express purpose of giving it away for free and then selling it later after the deal was expired.

      • Jorge C

        I bought Dark Souls off the store a year before it was offered for free.

    • mj

      BF4 is a game you can get as part of EA Access…really doubt MS would give it away free on any system.

    • keegan

      Like I said battlefield isn’t downloadable which means it can’t be free with gold.

  • blightsun

    Ive always been a gamer since 1983. I love vid games and now my son does. The games with gold program has been Disappointing to me because I already owned everything offered aside from keflings (and still wont take that for free) im not saying offer up top of the line games. Im saying offer up something worth having. Ssf4 was a good one even if it was a ploy to push the ultra content. Motocross madness was insulting since I owned it a decade ago on pc when it came out. Id like to see something like to see the first lords of shadow go up. My disc broke long ago and los2 is trash. Id also like to see an end to avatar games. They all suck so why put them in as “bonus free downloads”? Whats next, doritos crash course? Might as well push old xbox titles. Many are better than most the crap on gwg. And really they arent free. At minimum you pay 9.99 a month + tax. Did you know that you could buy 2 games of equal quality(some better) at gamestop for that same price?

    • mj

      Your reasoning is very weak. Should ms check with you to see what games you don’t own and then release those ones? Or would you rather they release games that didn’t sell well….which would mean not a lot of people own it but that’s probably for a good reason.

      You do realize that neither ms nor Sony have to do this. Sony did it to get people to pay for their service since they were losing money hand over fist with psn. . Ms did it because people were complaining. You buy gold for the online gaming….it’s not a game service like Netflix.

      And the motor cross madness you were talking about is not the same as this one, which is fun. That’s like complaining about getting a Madden game because you owned Madden 05.

      • blightsun

        No, your reasoning is weak. I typed an opinion and nothing more. If that bothers you dont read it. Oh and motorcross? The only difference is the addition of goofy avatars. It 8s a fact that the gwg program is comprised largely of ancient titles with a tiny splash of worthwhile gaming included. I cant help of I have the money to build game collections. Niw should I check with you to find out if my opinion is valid? Nope. Who are you? Pixels on a screen like everyone else. Im not in the boat to pay for gold. Ive got a case of cards for that. So that part of your argument is invalidated. Its nice working for a game store. Anything else youd like to inject? Ill be sure to file it under “muted microsoft fanboitches” like all the rest. Check yourself before trying to check me.

        • mj

          Oh butt hurt much that someone called out your weak complaints and justifications? You completely ignore what I said and just write, with errors abound, about how you have money and work at a game store (which usually are mutually exclusive). Again, MY point was that you complain about the games they released…yet you say you buy all the good games when they are released new…so WHAT games do you want MS to release? Would you like them to release brand new games because they will never do that. Sony doesn’t do that. If you compare MS first year of titles released on GwG vs the first year of PSN+, MS destroys everything Sony released. And again, Gold is not a game give away service, you pay for online play, the service, the servers, etc. You don’t like it, go to Sony…oh wait, you’ll be doing the same thing there.

        • blightsun

          I own both. I own every console ever manufactured with full title collections for most and several arcade machines. Does it make you mad that other people can afford to buy games instead of Suckling microsofts sack fir the free trash they send you? Or are you just a broke troll living in your mums basement hoping to get games for christmas? Oh on sony I enjoy premium title downloads even if I already own them. Im not dependant on “free” games pal. Hell tg16 and 3do were and still are more fun than hexpox or laystation. Stop whining like a fanboitch little girl over other people being able to buy games. If you grew up and got a job you wouldnt have to suckle sweat off microsofts balls for free games that ultimately suck donkey holes. Shove that in your turd pipe and redigest it. Youre done.

        • Jayarih

          Someone sounds like they really want to stroke that epeen of theirs

        • blightsun

          Whats that? Oh. Mire pixels.

        • Jayarih

          Im not the one throwing out how many games they have or that you own ‘everything’ gwg has offered so far. Ive owned most of the offerings too but you dont see me complaining. Gwg isnt supposed to offer you what you dont have. If thats the only reason you go gold, you are doing it wrong

        • blightsun

          Or you can go blow it out your rear mouth. Enjoy raven.

        • Jayarih

          Or you can stop being a whiny entitled child

        • blightsun

          Youre the one whining cause you dont like something you read on the internet. Stop suckling so hard. I know youre thirsty but my ballers arent sweating right now.

        • Jayarih

          I’m not the one coming back to an old thread to ‘make a comeback’ at me, please try harder kid. Maybe mommy will keep buying you games so you can continue to whine about GwG. Btw I have some excellent cheese to go with your whine.

        • blightsun

          Suck suck suckle. Stop riding my disc, jockey.

        • Jayarih

          Think you have it the wrong way but I have a feeling you are into it wither way judging on your posts that always talks about you sucking or something

        • blightsun

          No, this is you inboxing me to talk about YOU sucking something and insisting im into you. Fuqofffag.

        • Jayarih

          Aww I think someone is insecure with himself that all they can do is call someone a fag and act as if thats the best put down ever. Try harder bra

        • blightsun

          Nah, youre a fag. As in fagged, defined by tired as hell. Why you so hard up to pass messages with some guy? Oh yeah, cause youre the other kind of fag too. Get off my bolas. No sweat fir you to suckle today.

        • Jayarih

          Says the guy who replays to an old post, over and over and over again, and you tell me i cant let it go and that im a fag? think one just needs to look into a mirror for that in your case. Have fun im sure youll reply several months now with the same comeback because you cant think of anything else

        • blightsun

          Suckley suck suck suck. Damn you suq.

        • blightsun

          Yes you can! Now suckle my entitlement ya broke a55 girl.

        • ubdum

          Lol just a few, but it seems a few more people agree with his opinion than yours. And btw all the money in the world will not buy you common sense or the ability to converse properly. Those sir, you will forever be without.

        • blightsun

          What? Huh? Looks like youre without the sense to know that nobody has the same heart as you. And just like the other, your opinion is meaningless to me. Now go learn where to fit in, and have a lesson in mind your own business. Im not here to get chumps to agree, and tards with insults fan only look forward to being labeled as “fanboitches”. Keep suckling.

        • mj

          You’ve completely lost it. You were the MITCH who was complaining about the titles MS give away for free and now you are somehow trying to throw that in my face. I never once said I need or wanted the GwG titles, my life was perfectly adequate without them, I didn’t need them to justify my subscription to XBL, but now that they had them I’ve enjoyed some games I never would have purchased or played before because of it.

          And seriously, maybe you should spend a little less time playing video games and spend a little (any) time working on your debate tactics, cognitive ability and contextual processing. You try to insult me with things I never once mentioned. You try to defend your complaints by saying you “enjoy premium download even if (you) already own them” on Sony, yet started off your whole diatribe by complaining about the titles released on GwG, which are just as “premium” as anything released on PSN+ (is it because they are slightly older and you want to sell the disc ones you claim to “own”?). You do realize that claiming to own a lot of games and game systems is a pretty weak claim? All those games and systems are worth pennies compared to what you bought them at. Go buy some more games, I’ll put my money into Apple, Cisco, and National Grid stock.

          Oh, and for your information…WORKING in a video game store does not mean you OWN all the titles for sale on the shelf. I worked in an Electronics Boutique years upon years ago, I never claimed to “own” all the games in there and the random n64’s, ps1’s and dreamcasts that came in used…as well as the xbox, ps2 and gamecube game stations. Now I did borrow games and dvd’s for the night, but that was “borrowing: with “intent” to return…not claim of ownership.

          Good try though, I expect to see you respond with talking about how many cars and boats you own and the square footage of your glorious mansion as well…oh an how I live in my “mums” basement. Lets see what else comes out of the internet trolls guidebook, since its become blatantly obvious you can not comprehend the discussion I was trying to have with you.

        • blightsun

          Wow. Youre an idiot. Nobody complained but you. If you stopped bending over for microsoft like a futanari you wouldnt be so butt hurt. And my names not mitch. Cant you find a more creative way to express the term “dog in heat”? Like “baita” “futanari” “your mom”? Grow up curr. If you dont like m9 opinion dont read it. Sheet ,pitches lyk yu air the epitome of sheet pipe ramming fuqtards.

        • blightsun

          Blow it out your turd pipe fan boy.

  • MisterUnboxersonutube

    Very disappointing last month, however they are free so who am i to complain. So far the only real good thing that uas coke was Guacamelee. Valiant Hearts and 1001 Spikes would be great. Yes they are new releases on the One but look at what PS4 is doing it isn’t too much to ask for.

  • Connor Yiddo Barnes

    its got to be Outlast

  • youhi

    Yes outlast yes ftw

  • Underlord

    I would like to see Outlast or some of the remastered Xbox 360 games such as Tomb Raider or Assasin’s Creed. I’m sure they look beautiful on Xbox One, but I’m not inclined to buy those games again for the Xbox One when I paid full retail for the on the Xbox 360 not that long ago.

  • Paul Bloyd

    I’m not against indi games, but both of these were terrible and too much alike. Two flying shooters? Really? Previous months both had at least one good game, and the two game were very different from each other. On the indi side, I’d love to see Stryder and Contrast. I don’t think it would happen just yet, but I think games like Assassins Creed and Tomb Raider are possible in the coming months as they could draw attention to upcoming sequels.

  • Thegoodnate

    I actually wanted to play SSZ so i was happy that was free in August (Although i haven’t started it yet). But i am a big space shooter fan. Crimson dragon looked OK, but i really had no interest in it.

    Previous months on xbox one, with Guacamelee and Max: Curse of brotherbood i felt were pretty strong.Guac is a great game, i am still playing it on and off now! And I actually Paid for Max when it was released, loved every minute of it. I was really happy when it appeard on GwG; so more people (who wouldnt nessesarily have paid for it) could enjoy it.

    I agree GwG needs a full retail game in its line up soon. I would love to see dead rising 3 becuase I finished the main game but didnt play any of the DLC they brought out, as i traded it in.

    I already have Outlast but i agree it would be a great title for GwG in September. Personally i would like to see Trials Fusion or PvZ Garden Warfare.

    Final note: I hope they never offer Ryse up! The game is soo boring. Beautiful, but very boring. It’s time i will never get back.

  • SkizDriz

    Strike suit zero was repetitively monotonous for the duration it held my attention. Felt like an original xbox-level release, with a few (not many) graphical enhancements. Space shooters rejoice, it is ok but nothing special. Crimson dragon shares a few similarities to ssz, but not many. Way better graphics, that’s for sure. Not my cup of tea either, targeting things and shooting just isn’t that big for me. Would like to see some puzzle games thrown into the mix for games with gold, would also like to see some rpg element games. Dishonored for 360 is here, so I’ll be doing that.

  • RandyxboxFeen

    august games were horrible. i believe people would love to see outlast become free, great indie game

    • David Britto

      Outlast would be great…!!!

  • studebaker

    Yes the august games with gold was a terrible shame.

  • Mmc Gmm SwagBean

    Both of those games with gold sucked this for xb1 crimson dragon was ok I guess but zero suit suck is one of the worst games ive ever played way too boring