Perodua Axia price with specs from Paultan

The Perodua Axia launch is a big deal because it isn’t like other car manufacturers releasing new cars at alarming rates. This latest model is very welcome because it succeeds the aging Viva, although the 850 model will still be made and sold to drivers in Malaysia.

There are to be four variants of the Perodua Axia, these are the E, G, SE and AV and so offers drivers a good choice. Paultan has been on hand to provide an overall view seeing as though some of the websites editors got a chance to take a closer look at the Axia and to share with readers their first impressions.

Perodua Axia price guide

Before we look at what they thought, we thought you might like to know what the Perodua Axia specs are seeing as though we have already provided the starting price. Instead of listing them all, which would be time consuming, it would be far easier for you to visit the Paultan website because all the features have been broken down by model, along with the Perodua Axia price guide, the image of which you can see above.

It is clear to see that each editor was excited by what Perodua has done with the Axia because while it is an unassuming little car, it is full of surprises. The small 3-cylinder engine is one of the surprises because it is quiet at idle and once going seems rather spritely for its size. Learn what all four editors thought in this insightful article.

Perodua is now ramping up its marketing of its Axia by sharing some interesting figures for this EEV, which you can study for yourself here.



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