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Nikon D810 white dots fix with firmware update

Reviews of the Nikon D810 have been rather positive, although there have been a few problems now that owners have spent more time with the DSLR. Nikon has had to issue a service advisory because of a thermal problem with the camera that manifests itself as white spots on photos taken.

This doesn’t happen to all photos taken, just those with long exposures, and now Nikon has had to take action. Nikon D810 firmware update – This is not a physical defect with the camera, which means that the issue can be resolved with a firmware update.

Nikon will service affected D810s free of charge, although details have not been widely published as yet. However, if you are worried that your camera is affected by this problem, then you can head over to Nikon US, Europe, or Japan to see if your serial number is included in this sort of Nikon D810 recall.

If you are affected, then we would advise you not to take long exposures if you really need to use your D810, although it would be preferred to not use it at all until the firmware update has been installed.

Nikon has apologized for the inconvenience this may cause, but at least they have responded to the issue quickly rather than make owners wait far longer than they should, something we have seen in the past from other such companies.

For more details on the D810 service advisory we ask that you head to one of the three links we have provide for you above.



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