New Lego Minecraft with Halloween theme

The Minecraft Lego set proved so popular over the Christmas period last year that they sold out, and so made it tough for fans of the game to get their hands on one. The fascination with this game and the accessories to go with it is truly remarkable, and so you will be pleased to know that six new Lego Minecraft sets are to be released.

All new design – The old Lego Minecraft sets are appealing, but Lego has decided that a change was needed to make them look far more like standard Lego sets rather than ones that resemble the game.

There are to be six new Lego sets based on Minecraft, two of which seem to come with a Halloween theme. There is The Farm (21114), which as you can see in the images here has a jack-o-lantern and a skeleton. The other set is called The Cave (21113) and features a zombie to add to the scary theme.

We are not certain what sort of theme the other four new Lego Minecraft sets will be, but we have a good feeling that they will prove very popular once released. However, we will let you make up your own mind, as they are to be called Creative Box, The Ender Dragon, The First Night and The Mine.

Some fans have been wondering where the Creeper is, and we suspect this will appear in set 21115.

It is not yet known when these new sets will be released, but we will keep you informed.



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