New Invetero Coquette Classic car in GTA Online

Rockstar released a new GTA V update this week, with 1.16 arriving officially with the GTA V Flight School patch. We have been giving you heads-up on all of the new vehicles included, so now it is time to look at the single car that Rockstar has introduced – the GTA V Invetero Coquette Classic car.

This is a very stylish car indeed and unique in the fact that it’s the only new land vehicle to arrive with the new GTA V update since all the others are air-based.

The Coquette Classic is available to buy for $695,000 from Legendary Motor Sports. The real fun though is customising the Coquette Classic, which we can also show you in a separate image below.


It’s not the most glamorous car to arrive in GTA V, but it may be one of the coolest depending on your tastes. The price is also very reasonable compared to the jets though, so we have a feeling that many of you would have bought the car first, then deciding how to raise enough money to buy the other three air luxury items.

How do you compare the Coquette to say the Pegassi Zentorno for both handling and speed? Let us know your overall thoughts on this update, considering that Rockstar are again making players wait over GTA V Heists.


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