Hearthstone Android release date before iPhone

By Alan Ng - Aug 20, 2014

Many players were expecting a Hearthstone iPhone release date and Android release before the end of Summer 2014. Unfortunately though, it appears that something is going on behind the scenes as Blizzard are only willing to say at this point that the game is still in development for mobile devices.

This is both surprising and frustrating, considering that the iPad version of Hearthstone has been out for many months. The iPad version is running on the same OS as iPhone of course, leaving players asking questions on why the iPhone version is taking so long.

Hearthstone for Android meanwhile is obviously a different system so Blizzard are right to take their time on the game to ensure that it is completely bug free.


The latest from Blizzard community manager Zeriyah was that Android could be coming before iPhone. Here’s a Tweet shared by Zeriyah which confirms that Hearthstone Android is still scheduled to come out before the end of 2014.

This line of response is exactly the same as iPhone it seems, as Blizzard also said not too long ago that the iPhone version of Hearthstone was also ‘still in development’.

As current players enjoy the time of their lives with the Frostwyrm Lair as part of Curse of Naxxramas, do you think that a more concrete statement needs to come from Blizzard on the status of iPhone and Android versions of the game?

If you have been waiting to play on mobile for months, give us your state of mood right now.

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  • Massahwahl

    I love the iPad version, but it is not comfortable to play in long sessions. Can’t wait to get it up and running on my nexus 7!

  • john

    Blizzard as always slow slow slow and uninformative. Paid for their stuff for years and because I don’t own a shitty I pad I have to wait for my tablet version. Guess being able to use any charger or expandable memory without being forced to give crapple any money limits other things.