GTA V Buckingham 16-seat Mil-Jet gameplay

Following on from our information earlier which looked at the brand new GTA Online Besra Jet, we know want to bring you another gameplay preview showing another big addition to the GTA V Flight School update – the GTA V Buckingham Mil-Jet.

This beast of a jet has space for an amazing 16 seats, meaning that you and your entire GTA V clan can fit in his jet and go cruising around the skies of Los Santos to your heart’s content.

The only problem is that it costs a whopping $1,900,000 to buy and we can already see that many players are angry with Rockstar saying that the costs are too high and not ultimately worth it.

As a luxury item though, you can’t really complain. If you have the cash to spend on this, why not splash out and invite all of your friends to take a short haul flight to a particular location of GTA V.

It looks the part though and we haven’t seen anything quite like this in GTA Online before. We have a feeling that this is more of a plane for bragging rights, rather than real purpose as those flying on board, without actually directing the plane may get bored rather easily.

What do you make of the flight school update so far and in particular the Mil-Jet? Do you agree that the costs are slightly too high from Rockstar?



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