FIFA 15 Barcelona, Real Madrid ratings leaked with Suarez

By Alan Ng - Aug 20, 2014

We may have some very juicy FIFA 15 news to bring you now, in the form of a leak which appears to have revealed the FIFA 15 ratings for Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and other Barcelona and Real Madrid players.

As we have told you in the past, EA has still not updated Luis Suarez on FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, by that we mean transferring him to his new club Barcelona.

For some reason, he’s still a Liverpool FC player on FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, despite now being allowed to train and play friendly matches – unless EA has been instructed by FIFA to uphold his ban terms under ‘promotional activities’, although that seems farfetched.

Regardless, we can now see Luis Suarez at Barcelona, with a leaked image below showing a new 90 rating on FIFA 15. This is an upgrade from his 86 rating on FIFA 14 and we think everyone will agree that this was almost a certainty given his amazing performances last season for Liverpool.

Elsewhere on the same image, we can see that Messi seemingly won’t have a higher rating than Ronaldo despite being the global cover star, as according to this both players will be rated 94 on FIFA 15.

This is interesting though, as it’s still a +2 overall rating upgrade for Ronaldo if legit info, meaning that EA has responded to the calls to upgrade Ronaldo for his immense performance last season and for winning the World Player of the Year award ahead of Messi.

Take a look at the image and see the FIFA 15 official ratings for all other Real Madrid and Barcelona players. We see the same information being spread elsewhere on social media, so do you think that these stats are legit?

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  • Ronadinthough

    I doubt this is correct as the heading attribute on player cards as shown above has been announced is changing to something else by EA. Pretty rough guide to what they will no doubt end up being though. Agreed Ronaldo should be higher than messi given his season.

  • Gordhole

    If Ronaldo won the Ballon d’Or (best player in the world award) over Messi, he should have a higher rating. Every time Messi won it over Ronaldo, he had a higher rating. It would only be fair this time around. Besides, Ronaldo will be 29 & will only get player growth for the first season and then he’ll go down, so it would be fair to rank him higher than Messi as he is at the peak of his career.

    • johnnie

      he wont only get player growth for the first season as they have fixed this, now he will have the same technical stats well into his 30’s, with maybe his pace and reactions decreasing a little.

    • John

      Its because Messi was that far ahead at the time.