Dailymotion.com service returns after an hour outage

- Aug 20, 2014

Update: It looks like service has retuned, if you are still having issues accessing the website then share them below or contact Dailymotion.com support.

Original article: Dailymotion.com is not working today and their users have reported the service has been down for over an hour, although it is currently unclear why this is. The service hosts many videos and looks to be in some unplanned maintenance to fix the current problems.

Considering how popular Daily Motion is, there’s likely thousands of people trying to access the website and its video streams today but finding the service not working. We’ve seen hundreds of comments in forums from fans, although Dailymotion.com has only been down for about an hour today.

We’ve reached out to those behind Daily Motion and will update this article with any official comments, or details on why the website went down.

You can see the status message in the screenshot below, which basically explains they are sorry for the service being down “MOMENTARILY”.

Are you a regular user of Dailymotion.com and if so, how has this downtime interrupted your day? We expect the service to return soon. You can see that the millions of monthly visitors using Daily Motion come from many countries, which are catered to with different languages for a 503 / service outage message.

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  • sharu

    Plzzz start dailymotion as soon as possible. .whenever I login to the website a white biank page occurs…its been since one week I m trying to rech the website ….but unfortunately there is no response

  • sharu

    Plzzz dailymotion come back soon missing u…I love this website ….plzzzdont remove this website….how will I watch mmovies