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Camera+ app to target iOS 8 features

We have yet to see apps supported for iOS 8 appear on the App Store just yet, although a few will start to appear very soon and will take full advantage of the upcoming mobile operating system. The Camera+ app for iPhone and iPad received an update to version 5.2 a couple of days ago.

The latest version of Camera+ will not take full advantage of iOS 8 features just yet because it is too soon, although the developer has said the new enhancements will help to tide users over just until iOS 8 is released, which will be mid to late September.

Classed as an interim update, Camera+ version 5.2 sees the Vignette effect in the Lab come with more adjustments, and improvements have also been made to Film Grain and Soft Focus Effects.

It’s not just improvements made to features, as some Camera+ app problems have also been addressed, such as Clarity Pro function bugs and an issue that affected users sharing to Flickr.

The team behind the app says on iTunes that they have some big things planned for its next update ready for iOS 8, although they have not said what those plans are. So for now just install the latest version if you already have the app, and if not, then you will have to pay $1.99 for the iPhone version and $4.99 for the iPad edition.



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