Apple iWatch not delayed

We find it very strange seeing a report from an analyst suggesting that the iWatch will be delayed this year, and it hasn’t taken other websites long to jump on the bandwagon and report these latest findings. We would like to ask you one thing, how can there be an iWatch delay if Apple has yet to make an official announcement?

The analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo has said that the iWatch may not be released in 2014, but rather 2015, as he claims that issues with manufacturing will result in its delay. Again, how can you class that something has been delayed when a release date has not even been publicized?

What is also fascinating is how this rumor is no different to what we have heard before because many analysts seem to be saying the same thing. It wasn’t that long ago when we reported that the Apple iWatch might not be released this year, although we never mentioned the word delay.

Apple has been on a big push to get the right team in place to work on what is thought to be a smartwatch, seeing as though they have hired health and fitness experts, along with those from the world of fashion, as well as one person who has made a living from designing watches.

It makes sense for an early 2015 launch anyway because September and October will be occupied by the iPhone 6 and a new iPad Air and mini. Apple should wait until March and then release the iWatch along with the much-anticipated Apple 4th-generation.



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