Tata Zest review highlights interior practicality

Last month we informed you that Tata Motors was to confirm the price of the Zest in August, and they did so a few days ago, and so India now knows how much they will be paying for all models. This is an all-new Zest and the changes have been well received, although as always things are never 100 percent perfect.

It is surprising just how many Tata Zest reviews there are, although after reading one review, which we cannot remember where, pointed out something we found intriguing, and that is in regards to the practicality of its interior.

The design team at Tata Motors has done a wonderful job in making the interior a far better place than some of its other models, thanks to the use of better materials, which in turn makes it feel less cheap. However, it seems that two things have been overlooked, as there is just a single cup holder up front and no bottle holders in the rear.

Ok, we know this is not going to be a deal breaker, but when you look at the long list of Tata Zest features you would assume they would not miss practical items like those above.

Tata Zest price breakdown per model – There are four different petrol versions, the XE, XM, XMS and the XT with prices at Rs 4.64 lakh, Rs 5.25 lakh, Rs 5.43 lakh, and Rs 5.99 lakh respectively. As for the diesel options, they consist of the XE, XM, XMS, XMA, and the XT, prices of which are Rs 5.64 lakh, Rs 6.27 lakh, Rs 6.45 lakh, Rs 6.99 lakh, and Rs 6.99 lakh respectively.

Even though Zest was official unveiled a few days ago, we already got a peak at it during a recent auto show, and shorty after the video review that you see below was uploaded to YouTube. The video runs for just over nine minutes and gives you a closer look at its exterior, interior and what it feels like to drive.



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