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Swing Copters download time for Android, iPhone

Prepare to kiss goodbye to whatever social game on your mobile that you are currently addicted to. The Swing Copters download time for Android and iPhone is almost upon us, with the game being released by Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen.

This is going to be a moment to saviour, although possibly another moment when you kiss goodbye to whatever social life you had. Swing Copters features similar gameplay to Flappy Bird, although rather than horizontal tapping manoeuvring past pipes, Swing Copters will be vertical-based, with the player controlling a character with a copter and tapping to move past girders.

We can bring you the first official Swing Copters gameplay to prepare you for the Swing Copters release time which will happen on Thursday. You can see that the Swing Copters difficulty curve is again going to be high, but after all that adds to the appeal of the game overall and was a significant factor in why Flappy Bird was such a success.

We can also confirm the fantastic news that Swing Copters is a free download on Android and iPhone. Users will have the option of paying $0.99 to remove ads, but it’s completely optional and the ads are not exactly forced on users anyway as we saw in Flappy Bird.

Are you going to download Swing Copters for iPhone and Android to see what the game is like? Let us know what you think of the gameplay below.



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