Silent Hills Xbox One or PS4 exclusive

By Alan Ng - Aug 19, 2014

By now, most of you would know that a new Silent Hill game is coming, in the form of Silent Hills which was expertly disguised as the epic and downright scary P.T. PS4 demo that released during GamesCom 2014.

Silent Hills is going to be the byproduct of Metal Gear Solid mastermind Hideo Kojima and movie director Guillermo Del Toro – the same person who co-wrote the amazing Hobbit movie series with Peter Jackson.

There is a massive buzz around the game at the moment thanks to the terrifying demo, but the big question that gamers are asking is whether or not there will be a Silent Hills Xbox One release, or if Silent Hills is PS4 exclusive or not.

We have only seen the PS4 version of course thanks to Sony’s GamesCom press conference and at the moment, nobody is willing to confirm the existence of an Xbox version.

If we were to guess though, we would predict that it will release on multi platform, but Sony may have secured the rights for a timed exclusive on the demo release with Konami.

Also, you would have thought that if Silent Hills was a PS4 exclusive, Sony would have made a bigger fanfare and told the world a hundred times so it hit home. They did not do that, which leads us to believe that we may see an Xbox One release.

Either way, this is looking like the horror game to remember and it’s fantastic to see Silent Hill back on the map as the first game on PS1 was a classic. Give us your reaction to the game so far and if you think this game will be on Xbox One.

Will Silent Hills be a PS4 exclusive?

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  • j

    This game looks fantastic! I dont see any hint based on the demo that I will get board playing this. The variation in the demo, so many many ways to interact with a single hallway. If the final game is anything like that demo It will take many hours before I even start to get tired of it. Also the graphics are cutting edge and so much constant dread I could cut the virtual air with a virtual knife. I have had so much fun playing this I hope it goes multi platform so we can all enjoy it, and if sony didnt say it is then its probably not. Thats the kind of thing anyone would be bragging about out of the gate. Can not wait for this!

  • Graeme Willy

    I honestly don’t care one way or another. I’ve learned, after playing many, many Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Alan Wake and Dead Space games, that they all have a re-playability factor of 0. I mean Dead Space offers a New Game+ mode, which allows you to fully max-out your gear and that, pretty much, your only motivation.

    Survival/ Horror games are not like open-ended fantasy games, such as, Elder Scrolls…nor, are they like some FPS titles that allow for multiplayer modes, ranking up and the like. Survival horror games are rentals, at best. I won’t be heart-broke if I should miss it.