New Swift helicopter GTA V gameplay

- Aug 19, 2014

The GTA V Online Flight School update has arrived with a number of additions including the new Swift helicopter, and below this article we are featuring some GTA V gameplay with that very helicopter in action. The 3 minute video includes a short flight showing a close up with the new Swift helicopter, which is playable after installing patch 1.16.

Within the Rockstar Games blog post revealing what’s contained inside the San Andreas Flight School update, they introduced the Swift helicopter as a way to spend time “buzzing the skies” with a “luxury Swift” helicopter. The newswire also promoted other air transport like the Buckingham Mil-Jet and Western Besra jet, although the Mil-Jet interestingly can take 15 of your friends and yourself.


There’s a number of new jobs as well that include Swift Arrival found after Rank 15 and allows for 1-8 players. You’ll be able to enjoy Los Santos International Airport thanks to some no fly regulations being relaxed, and this job is perfect for those that love a chopper race taking you in tight turns and under bridges.

It’s not clear what happened to the Hydra jet, but some gamers feel the new Swift helicopter could have replaced the Hydra within this content update. Take a look at the gameplay below, then share your thoughts.

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