Minecraft PS4 release time, Xbox One despair

The Minecraft PS4 release time is almost upon us, with developers 4J Studios promising that the game has been finished and is now in the hands of Sony for final testing. As a result, gamers seem to be united in believing that the Minecraft PS4 digital version will be out before the end of this week.

So far though, 4J Studios is unwilling to make any promises in case they are unable to release this week, instead reiterating that their main focus right now is bug fixes for other versions of the game.

It’s no secret that the Minecraft Xbox One release date is still a work in progress, with 4J Studios only being able to comment on the PS4 version for now, meaning that Sony will be able to get the game out before Microsoft – a massive victory in itself if it happens.

Meanwhile, gamers are constantly heading to social media to bombard 4J Studios with messages on whether the game is ready yet. Just how long does Sony’s final testing process take, is the question that many gamers are asking, although others are just happy to sit back and wait patiently knowing that it is just days away potentially.

The fact that the game is now finished and with Sony should be an indication that it could go live at any point. The question is whether it will happen prime time in the US, or if Sony will favor a Minecraft PS4 release time to suit European gamers instead.

Are you anxiously awaiting for Minecraft PS4 servers to go live at the moment? Let us know how long you think it will take to actually release now that it is in Sony’s hands.

Also give us your thoughts Xbox One owners, now that it is looking likely that your version will not be available at the same time.



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